Matrix-Q Self-Awareness Competition


  • For the next generation leaders to bridge the skills gap
  • Leaders of organizations, and for leaders of own personal life, decision makers, doers, creativies, innovators, entrepreneurs
  • Engaged into creating a positive impact 
  • Talents that would like to inspire and lead the world into a sustainable future


  • For every registered participants we will plant at least 1 tree
  • For every winner, we will plant 2 trees
  • We plant trees in the Netherlands and around the world
  • Compete to plant a tree or offset your carbon emissions to make a positive climate contribution!


To unleash your leadership full-potential

  • Thanks to self-awareness we accelerate the learning, thinking and behavior change, necessary for success and leadership
  • In order to create a positive impact, we need to know ourselves, our own barriers, strengths, purpose, and capacity 
  • How good do you know your self, and your own business? 
  • Can you master your Self-awareness capacity?MindSet DNA? Creativity? Empathy? Emotions? 


  • You will be challenged to explore your full potential, find the edge of your capacity, and achieve the next level of skills and capacity
  • You will be trained, we will guide you in the acquisition of innovative skills, competences, knowledge, use of tools, data and technology that thanks to your self-awareness capacity will help you create 500% more impact
  • You will receive coaching and mentorship. Personal, private, exclusive attention. To collaborate with you in your journey towards the next milestones
  • You will unleash your potential


  • At the end of the competition you will have enhanced learning, adaptive capacity, emotional intelligence, creativity, personal leadership, social empathy, strategic thinking, leadership, communication, collaboration performance
  • Thanks to a powered-up self-awareness, you will make better choices, and achieve more impact


    • Register for the competition by email
    • You will receive a registration form and additional instructions
    • and that is all, you are ready to compete.


    • 4 times/years
    • Every solstice and equinox date
    • Fees Apply
    • Total number of winners = 81 


    • 30.000,00 EUR in value of services provided by the Matrix-Q Akademia

    1 Impact-Leader x 1 Tree

    We want to plant 729.000 trees and level-up the self-awareness and impact capacity of 729.000 leaders world wide for 2030

    Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Founder, CEO, R&D Lead, Impact Lead

    Did you know that as trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere?

    We want to plant 1x tree for each leader attending our training programs. For 2030 we want to plant 729.000 trees world wide 

    The Self-Awareness for Impact Leaders Competition 

    Candidates will participate in 4 competition rounds, according to category

    • Category 1: Leader
    • Category 2: Talent


    • After every evaluation round, the winners will receive a self-awareness report and prizes in the form of coaching, mentorship, training, subscriptions for smart apps and e-learning, group coaching, e-workbooks and e-books, and memberships
    • The knowledge, skills, tool, capacity acquired and developed with those prizes, need to be applied (utilized) in order to win the next round.

    ROUND 00

    • The Challenge: Answer 12 questions (Matrix-Q Survey) (5 min)
    • Focus: Self-awareness vs Impact-Leadership
    • Winners of the ROUND 00 will participate in round 01, and will receive as a prize a Matrix-Q Capacity Assessment Session (private, individual) 40 min with a Matrix-Q Consultant, in value of 97,00 EUR
    • Total Max. Winners: no limit
    • For those that did not reach the necessary points to pass to the ROUND 01, can choose to: Apply one more time, few weeks later (Max. can apply twice, with the same registration number; or to receive tokens they can trade for any other Matrix-Q Product of the same value of the registration fees. (See Matrix-Q MarketPlace)

    ROUND 01

    • The Challenge: 1x40 min individual capacity e-assessment session with a Matrix-Q Consultant
    • Focus: Q&A (Self-awareness)
    • Winners of the ROUND 01 will receive as a prize in value of 97,00 EUR a Matrix-Q self-awareness Level 1: e-workshop, including remote group coaching, webinars, and e-learning subscriptions  
    • Total Max Winners: 81

    ROUND 02

    • For the round 02, the candidates need to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the training received after the ROUND01.
    • The challenge 9 days x 9 min training sessions, review of a e-workbook and a workshop logbook.
    • Focus: An specific edge field (personal development). 
    • Possible fields may be: time management, communication, process management, strategic thinking, circular thinking, holistic living, work-life balance and others. The topic for the challenge will be chosen togther, with the Matrix-Q Consultant, aiming for the candidate to reach the next mileston in own personal development.
    • Winners of the second round will receive as a prize in value of 297,00 EUR a Matrix-Q Self-awareness Level 2: e-training program, including remote group coaching, webinars, and e-learning subscriptions, with focus in leadership skills. Including individual coaching sessions and matching of own profile with sustainability solutions, the 17 SDG's, Circular Solutions, and leadership styles.
    • Total Max Winners: 81

    ROUND 03

    • For the ROUND 03, the candidates need to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the coaching-training received after the ROUND02
    • The Challenge: Sustainability-Compliance and self-orientation capacity. Q&A
    • Focus: See SDG's, Sustainable Development Goals & circular thinking.
    • We utilize a Matrix-Q Holistic-Impact Assessment Tool and Matrix-Q Self-orientation Tool, that help us assess the level of systemic impact reached by the candidate.
    • Winners of the third round will receive as a prize in value of 597,00 EUR a Matrix-Q Self-awareness Level 3:  e-training program, including remote group coaching, webinars, and e-learning subscriptions, and exclusive individual coaching sessions.
    • Total Max Winners: 27  

    ROUND 04

    • For the round 04, the candidates should apply the knowledge and skills acquired the trainings provided for winners of the ROUND 03.  To demonstrate the capacity to  think, feel, act, lead and create a positive impact with the knowledge acquired.
    • We utilize a Matrix-Q Human Metrics Tools, and data analytics, that help us assess the level of impact achieved by the knowledge users.
    • The Challenge: Leadership & Impact powered by self-awareness. Diverse challenges according to candidate MindSet DNA.
    • Focus: Self-awareness knowledge, skills, and capacity to apply tools and methods effectivelly according to the nature of the challenge faced.
    • Winners of the fourth round will receive as a prize in value of 997,00 EUR a Matrix-Q Self-Awareness Level 4, e-training program, including remote group coaching, webinars, e-learning subscriptions and exclusive coaching sessions.  
    • Total Max Winners: 9


    • For the round 05, the candidates should present the design of an innovative personal project that involve the application of their newly acquired leadership and self-awareness capacity, knowledge, tools and skills.
    • The project doesnt not have to be a business, social busines or innovation project. It could also be a personal development, family or professional development project.
    • The candidates will design a new tool, method or strategy to help them execute this plan.
    • The template and guidelines for design will be given to the winners of the round 04.
    • Winners of the ROUND 05 will receive as a prize in value of 2.997,00 EUR a Matrix-Q Guild Membership for 2 years (*)
    • Total Max Winners: 1


    • (*)Winners of the Matrix-Q Self-Awareness for Impact Leaders Competition ROUNDS 04 & 05 are eligible to join the Matrix-Q Guild, Self-awareness Program including (conditions apply) the deployment of a Matrix-Q Smart Application MVP in value of  9.997,00 EUR 

    Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover