Matrix-Q Corporate

Immunology + Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence 

Our mission is to help you create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies


  • Data-driven
  • Holistic
  • Strategic
  • Assisted by A.I. Engine

  • Human-Inclusive Technology (Our hybrid services combine smart applications with human-creativity)

  •  Innovation-Driven
  • Multidisciplinary


  • After assessment of you organization, challenges or human capital
  • We create a data-driven report of impact
  • We evaluate vulnerabilities, opportunities and trapped value
  • An holistic and systemic strategy will be suggested
  • We implement first the most essential, direct and simple solutions, with clear, adjustable & tailor-made milestones

The next generation entrepreneurs bridge the corporate-intelligence gap

  • Level-up your organization with data-driven holistic strategic-management and advanced human competences

  • In times of uncertainty, complexity, ambiguety and rapid change, team and organizational adaptation capacity has pivotal value

  • Your organization's ability to strategically think, feel, create and act with the knowledge associated to your business and industry will produce the outcome and future you want

  • Matrix-Q Corporate Intelligence offers you an integral holistic set of services to bring your organization to the next level of performance.

Matrix-Q Method

= Human + Data + Technology

= Success + Human Potential Unleashed + Positive Impact

  • Matrix-Q Solutions have been developed by applying the Matrix-Q Method.
  • A Multidisciplinary and holistic methodology for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Below the list of our services and respective fields of work 


  • Quality of Life
  • Life-Work Balance
  • Happiness at work
  • Preventive-Health


  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Adaptive Capacity
  • Circular Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Holistic Thinking
  • Social-Empathy
  • Learning Skills
  • Actionable Communication
  • Time-Management
  • Creativity
  • Innovation Capacity
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Digitalization of Products
  • Prototyping
  • e-Learning Production


  • Holistic Strategic Management
  • SDG's Compliance
  • Circular Thinking
  • Social-Impact & Inclusion


  • Multidisciplinary Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Intelligence (Corporate Immunology)
  • Quantification of human capital value (Human Metrics Data-driven)
  • Optimization of the management of the investment in human capital

Matching Services

  • The Matrix-Q Guild is the association of Matrix-Q Certificates & Licenses Holders
  • Thanks to the Matrix-Q Guild we can provide to our customers a transparent and effective matching service, between their organizations and challenges, the Matrix-Q Solutions (innovations, products and services) and the Matrix-Q License Holders.


  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize the management of the outcome, performance and capacity delivered by the Matrix-Q License Holders
  • For each of our team members we provide a capacity status report (Matrix-Q Human Metrics, data-driven analysis of human capacity, and in the case of Matrix-Q License holders,  we measure their capacity to apply and create a postive impact with Matrix-Q Knowledge, Methodology, Technology, Data, Skills...)
  • You attend matching assessment process, of your challenges, organization type,  mindset DNA, and current needs.
  • We will use the Matrix-Q Methodology and tools in order to find among our team members the ideal match to the level of complexity you need us to solve for you.

Corporate Immunology + Corporate Intelligence

  • Your organization is like a natural organism 
  • It evolves, grows, learns and excels within an ecosystem
  • At the edge of your capacity, as well as in your most simple patterns of your business culture and behavior, you find always opportunities for innovation, trapped value release 
  • The Matrix-Q Corporate Intelligence services will help you optimize the performance of your organization by utilizing holistic and strategic management tools, technology and skills.

Corporate Immunology

  • Your company is a living organism, which evolves thanks to its collective (human, business culture) intelligence: capacity of creativity, adaptation, leadership, sustainable development and growth. 


  • Covid-19 pandemic challenges "the human" of your organization, the most vulnerable side of your organizational performing capacity.
  • Matrix-Q Corporate Immunology Consultancy, provides a systemic assessment of risk, trapped value, and of opportunities to cultivate and strengthen the human capacity of your organization
  • Resilience in times of covid-19 means the ability to effectvelly process rapid change, complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty. For which emotional intelligence, adaptive capacity, personal leadership skills, creativity, time and process management play a key role for the sustainable growth of your company.


  • A diversity of daily business events challenges your organization immune system, capacity of self-repairing and regeneration, security, safety and stability.
  • Do you know the the capacity (status) of your organization immune system to respond to daily business threats?
  • Your human capital, may hold a subconscious capacity or potential, eventually also the necessary skills and knowledge, awareness and adaptive capacity, to react in time to threats. But not all threats are perceived, unless exposed.
  • From human capital, to legal, organization development,  strategy, leadership, growth road-map, systems and technology; if your organization does not have in place a conscious and operative immune system, then you are vulnerable.


A process oriented service, in which step by step we tailor-made a sustainable solution that will ensure:

  • Sustainable Growth
  • Resilience Capacity Enhancement
  • Collective Emotional Intelligence in your team
  • Life-Work Balance skills as strategic asset of your organization


  1. Assessment of vulnerability points
  2. Strategic Strengthening of the Organizational and human (employees) immune system
  3. Innovation, Trapped value release with focus on Life-work Balance and Happiness at work
  4. Corporate Intelligence Report


  • When customers utilize corporate immunology in order to cultivate and strengthen their organization's immune system, they invest in their future.
  • Once the vulnerbility points have been identified, the respective solution may take only few weeks to be implemented, as a result a systemic positive impact.
  • Vulnerability points found in previouse customers inlcude for example: processes that weak the human capital resilence, adaptation (learning, emotional intelligence) skills missed in the team, patterns of behavior and thinking (perception) that increases organizational vulnerability, business culture components that have a negative effect in the happiness and success of employees.
  • Our customers have increased in 80% their growth within 6 months after completing a corporate immunology consultancy process. By solving human factor vulnerability points in matter of weeks the overall organization did level-up performance.

Our Services


  • Tailor-made Coaching Program
  • 1 Full day or 1/2 day or
  • 9 Coaching Sessions x 90' m



  • Happiness capacity assessment
  • Happiness acquisition methodology
  • Learn how to unleash your full potential, thrive!


  • Tools
  • Skills
  • Workshops


  • e-Learning
  • e-Tests (Individual, team-collective & organization MindSet DNA)
  • e-Trainer


Immunology principles applied:

  • Corporate Security
  • Holistic strategic management of the human capital 
  • Change Management
  • Preventive-health


  • Multidisciplinary & Holistic Innovation Workshop
  • Digitalization & Prototyping


  • Data-driven assement of human capacity
  • Report for start-ups, investors and corporate teams


  • Accelerate the transition of your organization with a gamified capacity building competition 
  • Sustainability compliance: SDG's Circularity, Climate Proof, Human Inclusion, Social-Impact, Holistic
  • Create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies


  • We convert your capacity building content into an e-Learning application 
  • Data-driven, assisted by A.I. engine
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity