"Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover" - LDMF

We are a community of entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators and impact investors dedicated to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable and holistic future.

We believe in the human capacity of learning, creativity, adaptation and entrepreneurship, to address complex global issues with simple solutions.

We value the uniqueness of each individual, understanding that in the uniqueness of our members, we find the solutions for the challenges we are about to discover in a close and not that far away future.

The Next Generation Leaders Bridge the Skills Gap

  • Responsible leadership
  • Actionable communication
  • Collective emotional intelligence
  • Global pressing issues responsiveness
  • Driven by innovation, entrepreneurship, data and positive impact
  • Circular, minimalist, holistic, regenerative thinking and doing
  • Actionable learning: We think, feel, create, lead and act with the knowledge acquired

Work-Life Balance 

  • We frequently spend time in nature (weekly forest bathing)
  • 80% of the success of our work is based on our ability to learn directly from nature and in nature
  • Daily we practice remotely together conscious breathing (Matrix-Q Breathe)
  • Weekly we cultive and strengthen a positive, balanced, and adaptive mindset
  • We train our body, mind, emotions and spirit weekly (Matrix-Q Brain GYM) 
  • We enable and encourage a healthy lifestyle within the work-time and after working hours

Happiness at work

  • We enable a vocational journey for all our members
  • We explore, learn, play, evolve, and choose at every step of ourjourney the knowledge, skills, duties, challenges and projects we want to care for
  • We encourage our members to unleash their full potential and discover their own personal purpose in life, then realize it, thrive, within our ecosystem
  • We promote creativity, innovation, so that our members feel welcome to design and develop own solutions, products, and spin-offs
  • We support our team members to explore and achieve happiness

Family-Work Balance

  • We ensure our members will be daily empowered by our work-life balance activities within the company-work-time, so that they can return home energized, creative, open, with peace in heart and mind, ready tu nurture their families and provide to them a quality of life and prescence
  • We believe in family-business, we encourage our team members to share their skills and knowledge with their family and build up together with them new initiatives
  • We build up a legacy for future generations
  • We know that climate change is a global pressing issue that will take more than 100+ years to be solved by the following 9 generations
  • We are building a multigenerational organization, in which we can transfer the duty, knowledge and experience of our work to future generations
  • We create a bridge of communication, collaboration and knowlegde transfer between generations (Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Gen Millenials, Gen X, Gen B)
  • We are a family friendly organization. Parents can rely on our flexibility and collaboration to care for their children and offer to their family a quality time.

Positive Impact

  • We create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • Our R&D Innovation, education programs, business practices, and investments, are aligned to the 17 Sustainable Developmet Goals (by the United Nations 2015), the United Nations standard for holistic education
  • All our members must complete a training program, and demonstrate compliance abilities to the 17 SDG's circular and regenerative thinking, responsible entrepreneurship practices, ethics and values and impact driven investment.
  • We plant trees and create biodiversity islands and corridors (2022)
  • We are climate responsive
  • We innovate with circular and regenerative design thinking
  • We create opportunities " jobs" 

Holistic Economy

  • We are nature inspired
  • We utilize a holistic economy model, which is human inclusive
  • We evolve with a quantum economy model, enhancing our own inner economy as ecosystem
  • We learn to perceive value, from diverse perspectives
  • We use our own inner currency 
  • We apply circular thinking for change management, human capital, human creativity and learning, and wealth management
  • We carry a minimalist (intentional purpose) mindset
  • We utilize nature systems complexity and principles as models for the design of our economy 
  • We apply the economy of nature (Principles of economy, collaboration and exchange of value) to develop our ecosystem
  • We innovate in economy models

Human Inclusive

    • Multidisciplinary, multicultural, gender diverse, we celebrate and welcome diversity
    • Gender equality, balance, equity. We celebrate a non-polar gender equality, in which both male and female are welcome, receive access to the same opportunities and compensations
    • Co-creative: We enable a 3-fold co-creativity, by empowering male, femals and couples/families
    • We welcome PWD, immigrants, with academic degrees or non academic competences
    • The design principles of our R&D Innovations, Matrix-Q Technology, enable better results with the combination of both human competences + technology. 
    • We utilize our innovative technology to enable oportunities, "jobs", with a hybrid concept in which artificial intelligence and automation work better with the contribution of human competencies.
    • Our data-driven (bidg) data analysis tools, solve the human variable of the sustainable development equation with an holistic and inclusive mindset
    • We empower our human community with opportunities for personal development, sustainable growth, and free of choice: our members choose the projects, targets and impact they want to create with our resources and knowledge

Holistic Human Capital (education)

  • We enable multidisciplinary capacity in all our team members
  • We provide a holistic education, with focus in leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact investment
  • Our team members acquire a complete set of competences, skills, knowledge, and capacity to utilize diverse tools, methods and systems
  • The design principles of our R&D Innovations, Matrix-Q Technology, enable in our team members a Matrix-Q Brain GYM experience, to help them evolve in their creativity, capacity and competences

Adaptive & Responsive Mindset

  • We learn with daily life and the ages of human history (evolution)
  • We respond to the needs of natural life (ecosystems), as caretakers of our planet
  • We engage in multidisciplinary R&D Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Impact investment as a response to the needs of our time, and by predicting the needs of the next 9+ generations

Association of Matrix-Q Specialists  (The Matrix-Q Guild)

  • We are a community of innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and investors
  • We are dedicated to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity
  • We enagage in the research, innovation, design, development of multidisciplinary solutions and technology (human inclusive, holistic)
  • Our association provides a matching service between our products, customers, their challenges and our members
  • All our members carry continuos data generation activities to healp us measure their capacity and achievements, and therfor, provide to our customer an ideal matching process