About us

MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions B.V.

Chamber of Commerce

City of Utrecht, The Netherlands 

KVK # 72972181

Padualaan 8

3584 CH, Science Park Utrecht



We are an online, circular-innovation ecosystem (hub) of creative-mindsets leading the transition to a human-inclusive circular economy. 


Our innovation-hub and its native start-ups are spin-offs of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, a non profit organization with HQ in the Netherlands, dedicated to multidisciplinary innovation, research, education with focus on creating a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.

After the foundation of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Stichting LDMF, in 2016, the first spin-offs incubation started in 2018 with MQ9 ICT Solutions, Matrix-Q Circular, Matrix-q Consultants and today in 2020, 12 new native Matrix-Q Start Ups started recruiting and training.

Our founder's Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, nature-inspired multidisciplinary research (1993-2020), creativity (The Matrix-Q Methodology), entrepreneurial vision, and engagement into sustainable inclusive and holistic development, and positive impact, are the leading inspiration for our daily business. 


We are an online organization, we fully shifted to 100% online activities in 2020 after the pandemic covid-19 started.

Our HQ is in the Netherlands, since 2016. We held a network of ambassadors, community and start-up team members from all aroundthe world. We collaborate and create value online, remotely.

The Matrix-Q Method

Human + Data + Technology = Success + Human Potential Unleashed + Positive Impact

" The Matrix-Q Methodology creates bridges between disciplines, industries and cultures. The multidisciplinary research studies i did carry between 1993 and 2020, brought me to understad how nature systems, nature principles, can be applied to optimize human creativity, and in particular to create a positive impact in nature, societies and ecoomies.

By studying  nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient civilizations and cultures, i discovered new knowledge that combined with modern scientific research and technology will help me develop (R&D) innovations  and solutions for current global pressing issues. The Matrix-Q Method creates a bridge between the past, our current times and the future we want to create for future 9 generations. "

- Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Innovator, Matrix-Q Ecosystem Founder

". The uniqueness of his thinking and approach lies in the fact that he has combined his research on ancient nature inspired social and economic principles, with modern day business and social models (…). The tools he has developed from here have the unique characteristic that they are of a holistic and mathematic nature at the same time and can be applied to any type, form and size of organization, as well as for individuals."

Monique van de Vijver,

Solidaridad Network

International Innovation Leader

The Netherlands

The innovative nature of the methods and know how provided by MQ9 is relevant for our organization. We share with MQ9 the same perception of values, management style and approach. The training methodology utilized suits the needs and learning preferences of our management team.”

William van de Wettering

Regional Chief Officer

De Dierenbescherming

National Animal Protection Organization

The Netherlands

Our Team


The Matrix-Q Inovation-Hub team is organized in divisions and start-ups.

LONG LIFE LEARNING - We continuesly strengthen and cultivate our creative mindset

All team members take part weekly of intensive hands on training in Matrix-Q Methodology, knowledge, tools, technology, data, entrepreneurial skills, at the Matrix-Q Akademia, where they qualify for Matrix-Q Licenses, Certificates, and Belts. The Matrix-Q Belts is our rank system, a belt signs the capacity of the belt holder to solve a level of complexity by applying the Matrix-Q Knowledge.


  • Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub is a company-school, the Matrix-Q Akademia.
  • It offers a hands-on training gamified and tokenized experience, aiming to bring by skills in sustainable development, social-entrepreneurship, circularity, technology for good, R&D innovation, life-work-balance, SDG2030, social-inclusion and Climate


  • We are an inclusive organisation, we celebrate diversity of cultures, nations, languages, and gender. 
  • We aim to provide equal opportunities for both men and women. We intent to sustain a gender equity system, 50% men, 50% women in our team, C-Level and shareholders.
  • As a franchise project, and with our start-ups,  we aim to enable 729.000 job positions world wide for 2050.
  • At our locations we aim to create jobs for 80% local residents, nationals, and 20% for foreigners living or working at location. For example in our HQ in the Netherlands, 80% of the team members are local dutch or residents in the Netherlands.

  • The Matrix-Q Guild is the association of Matrix-Q Certificates & Licenses Holders
  • Thanks to the Matrix-Q Guild we can provide to our customers a transparent and effective matching service, between their organizations and challenges, the Matrix-Q Solutions (innovations, products and services) and the Matrix-Q License Holders.
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize the management of the outcome, performance and capacity delivered by the Matrix-Q License Holders
  • We are a gender inclusive company.
  • 50% of our team members, product owners and share holdes will be women.
  • We advocate for gender balance, equity, diversity, inclusion and co-creativity. 
  • We encourage teams to be gender mix and diverse.
  • We do not support gender polarization.
  • We prevent gender discrimination to protect both equaliy men and women.
  • We enable collective intelligence based on co-creativity, integrating both male & female creativity & leadership