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  • The Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub offers you tangible opportunities to create impact and accelerate the transition of the planet back to sustainable living
  • We are building up a teams that will provide innovative content, services and products in a close future
  • We would like our new teams to provide services in all mayor cities in the Netherlands, in Europe and Worldwide. 
  • We are a gender-inclusive company, we intent to host 50% women + 50% men in our team
  • We are a social-inclusive company: welcome are men and women, immigrants and nationals, PwD, all levels of academic degrees and non academic competences.
  • We believe in the ability of people to learn and achieve goals, milestones, unleash their potential.
  • We believe in providing equal opportunities.


  • We are a 100% online company
  • We are in transition to a 100% circular organization
  • We apply intentional purpose to become a minimalist organization
  • We are in the process of implementing an holistic inner economy


  • Matrix-Q is an innovation-driven, impact-driven ecosystem of Matrix-Q Standard Compliant professionals (Matrix-Q license holders) and companies (Matrix-Q Label holders)
  • The Matrix-Q Innovations are the outcome of multidisciplinary research studies (1993-) by its founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and today developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute (2016-)


  • With HQ in the Netherlands, City of Utrecht.
  • The Matrix-Q Innovation Hub provides services remotely, online


Our two sign products:

  • A digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine (Data-driven, measure, predicts, enhances and optimizes human capacity)
  • An A.I. Trusted-Advisor to help users make better decisions ( Data-driven, assess, predicts, advise users on choices of learning and professional experiences, to help them achieve their personal and professional goals faster )

Both are integrated in all our projects and services including:

Do you (want to) think, feel, act, lead and create a positive impact with the knowledge acquired?

Are you an innovation-driven (intentional) entrepreneur with an impact-investor mindset?

The Mission

  • Foster creative-mindsets for human-inclusive circular-innovation that enable the systemic achievement of local and global sustainability agendas

The Team

  • We are a commmunity of entrepreneurs with multidisciplinary skills, and impact-investor mindset, dedicated to enable the acceleration of the transition of our planet back to a sustainable living.
  • We come from all corners of the world, creating a multinational and multicultural team

The Lifestyle

  • We cultivate and strengthen a creative mindset daily with in-house training programs.
  • We provide space and activities for our teams, that enable work-life balance, happiness at work and personal leadership
  • Forest bathing (outdoors activities) are essential compenent of our lifestyle. We appreciate nature and learn from nature, as source of inspiration, quality of life and knowledge.
  • We believe in long-life learning. Continues training, creativity and innovation are integrated in our daily life activities. (we all attend programs at the Matrix-Q Akademia)
  • We all work remotely, ensuring safety for our team members and enabling more quality of time for them with the people they love (families).
  • Some of us aim to work and live together from one house (Matrix-Q Akademia Immersive Program - The Matrix-Q House)

The Career Plan

& Benefits

  • Our team members take part of continues training programs, entrepreneurial, innovation and impact challenges. For which the Matrix-Q Method, Knowledge, Tools, Data, Technology, Innovations & Solutions need to be applied (The Matrix-Q Akademia will provide to you the complete training: Matrix-Q Standard)
  • Based on the outcome of your performance (Matrix-Q Human Metrics) you will be promoted, and invited to take over responsibility roles in our ecosystem 
  • The Carreer plan aims to give to every one the opportunity to build up the capacity and experience necessary to take responsibility as C-Level Leader capable of holistic strategic management (Matrix-Q Method)
  • Our team members receive training to become a Multidisciplinary Innovators (Matrix-Q Method) capable to design and implement solutions with social-impact, and own property of your creativity (if eligible)
  • Our team members receive training and opportunities to become Matrix-Q Ambassadors, earn % commissions and affiliate % in all our products
  • Our team members use Matrix-Q Technology, Smart Applications, Tools, Data, Knowledge and Skills to solve complex challenges with simple solutions
  • We hold together an entrepreneurial spirit, and encourage all our team members to develop new ideas, solutions and become leaders of own spin-offs and business projects (Matrix-Q Standard)
  • We would like to share with our (eligible) team members ownership of our entreprenurial adventure (Shares, convertible bonds, royalties, and equity, are options given to team members that reached a performance level)

The Vision

  • Create a global innovation hub dedicated to cultivate and strengthen responsible creative-mindsets for circular consumption & production

The Impact

  • We want to help 729K creative-mindsets to effectively enable circular innovation and the  acceleration of the systemic transition to a CIRCULAR ECONOMY, supporting local governments achieve their circularity goals, aiming to reach
  • 100% Circular SDG's projects in 2030, 100% cities circularity by 2050s
  • We are pioneers in human-circularity, circularity principles applied to human creativity, human capital competences, inclusion, wealth management and education
  • We are a company school, The Matrix-Q Akademia matches 97% of the United Nations Holistic Education Standards
  • We want to create in 27+ countries/cities local hubs dedicated to multidisciplinary and holistic research,  Innovation & entrepreneurship in 2030
  • At our partner-locations, with innovation-driven and social-impact entrepreneurship, we want to create an increase of 80% in the positive impact created in nature, societies and economies for 2050

Impact Agents


  • Creative-MindSet
  • Adventure
  • Smart disruption
  • Working happily remotely
  • Human inclusive technology
  • Tech for good
  • Inclusivity
  • Well-being obsession
  • Diversity
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Systemic impact
  • Data-driven
  • Leadership & entrepreneurship
  • Long life learning by playing
  • Adaptation & resilience
  • Human potential unleashed
  • Circular Thinking
  • SDG2030 Advocate
  • Climate Action
  • Nature Inspired
  • Positive Impact /FootPrint Reduction
  • Innovation-Driven
  • Trapped-Value Release


  • Our team members capacity and responsibility level are described by a rank (belts system) and circle of influence, and level of impact achieved. Rank (belts) are given to those team members capable to think, feel, act, create, lead and enable impact with the Matrix-Q knowledge acquired.
  • The Matrix-Q Guild is the association of Matrix-Q Certificates & Licenses Holders
  • Thanks to the Matrix-Q Guild we can provide to our customers a transparent and effective matching service, between their organizations and challenges, the Matrix-Q Solutions (innovations, products and services) and the Matrix-Q License Holders.
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize the management of the outcome, performance and capacity delivered by the Matrix-Q License Holders
  • We are a gender inclusive Akademia.
  • We advocate for gender balance, equity, diversity, inclusion and co-creativity. 
  • 50% of our team members, product owners and share holdes will be women.
  • We encourage teams to be gender mixed and diverse.
  • We do not support gender polarization.
  • We prevent gender discrimination to protect both equaliy men and women.
  • We enabling collective intelligence based on co-creativity: enabling all team members to integrate both male and female qualities, creativity and leadership

Choose the challenge you want to solve

By joining the Matrix-Q Team you will be invited to make a choice. Among the opportunities and possibilities offered, you will be able to choose the Matrix-Q project and impact you would like to contribute 

How to apply ?

The Application & Recruiting Process Step-by-step

  • Send a motivation letter and your CV to our e-mail
  • Schedule a first interview to introduce your intention to join us
  • Along the first or second interview, you will choose together with your assigned mentor a Matrix-Q Akademia Program to start your capacity building, acquire the Matrix-Q Certificates and Licenses necessary to join our team (fees apply)
  • In order to be eligible to join a Matrix-Q Team, you need to be a holder of a Matrix-Q Certificate and license.  There are 12 programs you can choose from, which vary in intensity, fees, and challenges. We pay you the fees back (Matrix-Q Akademia) once you have joined a Matrix-Q Team and reached an expected performance level

The Matrix-Q Akademia

Matrix-Q Guild

Matrix-Q Impact Agents

Matrix-Q Competitions

Matrix-Q House-Project

  • Live, work, learn, research, innovate, create and play together. Join the pilot project in Rhenen, 9 shared-house projects in NL, 27 in EU, and more overseas.  Join the (remote) trial 3-12 weeks. Includes training, certification and entrepreneurial tasks, income streams, and passive income. Learn more...


  • For candidates to C-Level, the same recruiting and training process applies. According to your performance, you will be promoted to C-Level responsibilities. In order to obtain the status of C-level candidate, must first become a Black Belt Holder (Matrix-Q Akademia)


  • For intentional co-founders (of Matrix-Q Start-Ups and Business Projects or Spin-offs, the same recruiting and training process apply. According to your performance, you will be promoted to C-Level & leadership responsibilities or similar. In order to obtain the status of Co-founder candidate, must first become a Black Belt Holder (Matrix-Q Akademia)


  • For intentional investors, additional conditions apply. To become a shareholder you need to join the same recruiting and training process and reach the Black Belt status (Matrix-Q Akademia). For convertible loans, donations for a cause or strategic partnerships, please contact us.

Interns, vocational, career-path change & volunteers

  • For internship, vocational, change of career path and volunteers, please follow the same recruiting and training process above described


  • We do not contract freelancers. We intent to be kind and respectful. We appreciate your skills and intent to collaborate with us. We ask you also to be honest. If your intention is to pretend to apply for a job to later offer us a free-lance service, do not waste your time or our time and resources. We are not interested.
  • We do not enroll candidates with a short term engagement intention. You need to be open to commit long term with our organization.
  • If you are afraid of failure, creativity, innovation, learning, change, complexity, future, sustainability, leadership, personal development, self-awareness, people, or money; then we are not the right company for you. As with us you will be challenged constantly. 
  • If you have a conflict with activities like marketing, sales, communication, interacting with people, then you may not feel comfortable with us. Apply only if you are ready and looking forward to develop those skills
  • We do not enroll candidates aiming for standard employment. If you are aiming for payroll we are not for you. 

WHAT WE LIKE TO DO ( You are a match if....)

  • You aim to achieve the 17 Sustainable development goals, suggested by the United Nations, for 2030, the acceleration of the transition to a circular (doughnut) and holistic economy. 
  • You hold an entrepreneurial and pragmatic mindset, that feel comfortable at risk-taking, trust their own capacity to achieve goals and reach targets, with capacity for self-management, project management, and impact generation
  • You are values-driven and dare for a mission that helps us create a positive impact in the world. You would like to create a better future for the following 9 generations. You lead by example, and action. You are a doer (walk your talk)
  • You care for developing a life in balance (Work-Life Balance), happiness and dedication to learn, finding always opportunities to improve, and feel grateful for challenges that help you unleash your full potential, to thrive.
  • You are impact-driven. See value in the generation of a positive impact. You are pragmatic and specific in thinking, feeling, creating, leading, learning.
  • You are creative solution-making oriented. you would like to engage in multidisciplinary innovation and design of new solutions, products, services, systems, applied multidisciplinary research that accelerates the planet back to a sustainable future.
  • You have an (intentional) investor-mindset. You would like to invest yourself and generate enough wealth to invest in the generation of a positive impact. You look at the future with trust and confidence. You would like to become an impact-investor.

Do you (want to) think, feel, act, lead and create a positive impact with the knowledge acquired?


Are you an innovation-driven (intentional) entrepreneur with an impact-investor mindset?