Matrix-Q Guild
  • The Matrix-Q Guild is the association of Matrix-Q Certificates & Licenses Holders
  • Thanks to the Matrix-Q Guild we can provide to our customers a transparent and effective matching service, between their organizations and challenges, the Matrix-Q Solutions (innovations, products and services) and the Matrix-Q License Holders.

We measure, predict, enhance and optimize the management of the outcome, performance and capacity delivered by the Matrix-Q License Holders

Why to join the Matrix-Q Guild?

  • FOR MEMBERS: The Matrix-Q Guild offers a traditional guild apprentice-trainer transfer of knowledge and skills. Including mentorship, coaching, access to technology, tools, innovation updates and resources)
  • The Matrix-Q Guild membership serves a double purpose:
    • 1.) FOR CUSTOMERS: Ensures, for our customers, that users of Matrix-Q Solutions and know how have completed the necessary training and prooved capacity of responsible application. (Certification system with rank : levels of application capacity, data-driven assessment of capacity of application and competences)
    • 2.) FOR THE ASSOCIATION OF MEMBERS: Protects the Matrix-Q License holders ensuring a fair conditions for training, access to resources, technology, knowldge, access to market, stable prize and location strategy.

Membership Levels

  • The membership levels offers to the guild members alternatives to start and develop their acquisition of knowledge and professional development (intensity, complexity, access to innovation and products, services and projects).
  • For details please visit the Matrix-Q Guild membership Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3


General Benefits (vary according to membership level)

    • Matrix-Q Training
    • Coaching, Mentorship
    • Matrix-Q Technology
    • Matrix-Q Tools
    • Matrix-Q Innovation updates (training)
    • Tokens (Ecosystem prizes for services and products)
    • Matrix-Q Certificates and licenses Upgrades
    • Matrix-Q Public Profile with associated products and expertise provided by the license holder
    • Matrix-Q MarketPlace Products (For innovative products developed by the Matrix-Q License Holder)
    • Matrix-Q Matching Services (Customers and their needs, vs.  Matrix-Q License Holders)
    • Matrix-Q Human Metrics (Data-driven status reports, capacity enhancement)
    • Matrix-Q Omicron Program (A.I. Trusted advisor services) 
    • and much more

How does it work?

  • In order to join the Matrix-Q Guild a candidate should be first an eligible members of the Matrix-Q Akademia and have reached at least the White Belt (c) Candidate rank.

  • All Matrix-Q Guild Membership includes a first season program dedicated to facilitate the White Belt (c) achievement process (Includes training, coaching, mentorship, learning challenges).
  • Only when the White Belt (c) rank has been reached, a number of benefits would be made available for the member.
  • Only members of the Matrix-Q Guild are eligible to work at the Matrix-Q Companies (Start-Ups), Competitions Projects, Franchise Projects, HQ (Innovation Hub) & Research Institute

The Matrix-Q Guild Capacity Report

  • The Matrix-Q Guild offers to its customer a capacity level report (status update) for each of its members.
    • Members of the Matrix-Q Guild that have completed the necessary training at the Matrix-Q Akademia and demonstrated a responsible capacity of application of knowledge (Matrix-Q Standard Compliance) are eligible to take over responsibility roles at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

    • Among other standards the members of the Matrix-Q Guild commit to develop the capacity to deliver services and develop projects with SDG’s Compliance, Circularity-Principles (Doughnut Economy), Holistic Living Design, Life-Work Balance, Human Inclusive Technology, Gender equality (inclusion, diversity, co-creativity), and so on. 

    • Members of the guild have also proved capacity to think, feel, act, lead and create a positive impact with the Matrix-Q Knowledge Acquired (Tools, Skills, Competences, Data, Technology, Knowledge, Innovation, Solutions, Products, Standard), there for have received a Matrix-Q Rank and License.

Matrix-Q Guild Memberships

  • The Membership Holders will participate in an assessment of capacity program, then choose together with their mentor the ideal Matrix-Q Akademia Program (12+ available) which vary in intensity, budget and length.
  • The Membership level can be upgraded from time to time, as well as the Matrix-Q Akademia program may change according to the member capacity, availability and commitment.

Membership Level 1

  • Length: 9 months (within 1 year)
  • Fees: 997,00  EUR / year
  • Matrix-Q Akademia Program: Vary according to case. Includes weekly trainings and monthly coaching sessions.

Membership Level 3

  • Length: 45 months, at max. 9 months per year (within 5 years)
  • Fees: 8997,00  EUR / year
  • Matrix-Q Akademia Program: Vary according to case. 

Membership Level 2

  • Length: 18 months, at max. 9 months/ year  (within 2 year)
  • Fees: 2997,00  EUR / 2 years
  • Matrix-Q Akademia Program: Vary according to case. Includes weekly trainings and monthly coaching sessions.
  • The Matrix-Q Guild Membership Levels 4 & 5 are available only for long term commitment.
  • We suggest to the first time candidates to you take the membership Level 1,2 or 3

Membership Level 4

  • Length: 90 months, at max. 9 months per year (within 10 years)
  • Fees: 18997,00  EUR / year
  • Matrix-Q Akademia Program: Vary according to case. 

Membership Level 5

  • Length: 135 months, at max. of 9 months per year, Life Membership (up to 15 years)
  • Fees: 33.997,00  EUR  paid one time
  • Matrix-Q Akademia Program: Intensive Study Circle with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

The Matrix-Q Guild Webinar