Matrix-Q Impact Stories - Competition for creative-mindsets

Matrix-Q Impact Stories


The Matrix-Q

Impact-Stories Competition 2020

22nd December 

Registration Deadline




  • The competition takes place 4 times per year
  • The creative art-work need to be sent before solstice or equinox dates


  • A first round evaluation of candidates
  • Eligible candidates will join remote workshops, webinars, to prepare themselves for the next level of the competition


  • For the round 01, candidates may level-up their creative-work to increase their chance to win
  • Their creative-work will be evaluated
  • Winners of the round 01 will be published in our online platform


  • For the round 02 the candidates need to apply the knowledge received in rounds 1 trainings
  • The winners of the round 02, will receive prizes as training, coaching, e-learning subscriptions, to help them bring their art-work to social-entrepreneurs and create together more impact.


  • The winners of the round 3 will be invited to join the community of creative-story tellers of the Matrix-Q Innovation Hub
  • Where will be invited to contribute with their art-work, create a positive impact, by participating in communication projects for sustainable development

We are a gender inclusive competition. 50% of the winners of each round will be women.

We advocate for gender balance, equity, diversity, inclusion and co-creativity.

We encourage teams to be gender mix and diverse.

We do not support gender polarization. We prevent gender discrimination fto protect both equaliy men and women

Matrix-Q Impact Stories Competition-2020B.001
MQ Impac Stories Poster 900.000
  • Sustainability communication is more relevant than ever.  
  • Wherever you are and whatever you do, your voice matters.
  • Lets join forces to share our sustainability stories to the world.
  • Join the Matrix-Q Impact Stories competition and earn unimaginable prizes to create a positive societal impact.

An international digital competition for creative story-tellers

  • The Matrix-Q Impact Stories is a competition dedicated to creating a space for creative minds looking to reach social impact through communication, and enable the acceleration of the global transition to a sustainable future


  • If you have developed the art of communication and would like to use your gift to raise awareness, on today┬┤s imperative topics like sustainability, circularity, social-inclusion, technology for good, climate action, SDG's and education of new generation of leaders, then this competition is for you.


  • From authors, copywriters and filmmakers to poets and comics creators, from theatre play authors, song writters, and performers, to anyone who has a tangible way of communicating sustainability can participate.


    • The Matrix-Q Impact-Stories gives to authors and performers an opportunity to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies through the power of sustainability communication.

    • We believe everyone has a voice for communication. There is no age boundary to share your sustainability story to the world. From high school students to corporate professionals, you are warmly welcome to join us.


    • In order to join the competition, you need to send your master piece impacting sustainability communication in the global arena.

    • You can choose in general a topics you may prefer (see programs) and use the artistic form you prefer (see categories)


    • From 243,00 EUR to 30.000,00 EUR for the winners, provided in the form of products and services
      • Consultancy, coaching
      • Digitalization, prototyping, smart apps
      • Training provided within our digital platform for capacity building
      • e-publications, smart-apps subscriptions
      • Job opportunities
      • Certificates (after completion of training) and licenses (free of charge)
    • EveryBody wins
      • Before preselection all registered participants will win a GIFT Certificate upto 97,00 EUR
      • After preselection, all participants will receive a training program in value of 243,00 EUR
      • All eligible candidates for ROUND 01, will receive remote workshops, webinars, and training, in the art of Matrix-Q Communication Methodology and Story Telling, certification included, both free of charge. (The training program normal prize is of 4.497,00 EUR/attendee.)
      • Winners of ROUND 01, 02 & 03 will receive additional prizes for a total value upto 30.000,00 EUR


    You need to choose at least one of the following categories:

    1. Authors: Articles, poetry, creative writting. [ 1 A4, JPG format ]
    2. Film makers, documentary [ Upto 3 min video mp4 format ]
    3. Comic creators [ 1 A4, JPG format ]
    4. Podcasters [ Upto 3 min audio mp3 format ]
    5. Speakers [ Upto 3 min video mp4 or audios mp3 format ]
    6. Performing arts play-creators [ Upto 3 min video mp4 format ]
    7. Animators [ Upto 3 min video mp4 format ]
    8. Musicians (lyrics authors and song writters) [ Upto 3 min audio/video mp3/4 format ]
    9. Mixed Media, canvas, digital art [ Upto 3 min audio/video mp3/4 format or 1A4 JPG ]
    10. Photography [ 1 photo, jpg format ]
    11. e-Games [ Upto 3 min video mp4 format + GitHub Code-uploaded ]
    12. Body-Artists [ Upto 3 min video mp4 format ]
    13. Mixed performing arts [ Upto 3 min video mp4 format ]
    14. Circus arts & Martial Arts [ Upto 3 min video mp4 format ]
    15. Others 


    Candidates are welcome to produce their creative-work in any of the following languages  (we may increase the number of languages in 2021)

    • English
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
    • Non verbal


    Candidates are welcome at any age. We have 5 age categories

    • Impact-Kids (born after 2012)*
    • Impact Gen-Z / iGen (born after 1995)*
    • Impact Gen-Y Millenials (born after 1980) 
    • Impact Gen-X (born after 1965)
    • Impact Boomers (born after 1945)

    (*) Children and teenagers until 18 years old with parental or tutor (school teacher) supervision


    • We are an inclusive competition. Welcome are all genders, cultures, nationalities, generations, with academic or with non academic competences,  PwD, immigrants.


    You need to choose at least one of the following programs.

    The progams define the field you would like to create impact with your creative work.

    1. One of the 17 SDG's by United Nations
    2. Circular economy
    3. Climate change
    4. Social-inclusion
    5. Gender equality
    6. Technology for good
    7. Quality of life
    8. Economy recovery
    9. Covid-19
    10. Work-Life Balance
    11. Animal protection
    12. Culture protection
    13. Family protection
    14. Impact Investment
    15. Human Rights
    16. Discrimination
    17. Immigration
    18. Sustainable cities
    19. Other global pressing issue you would like to raise awareness on

    Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Founder, CEO, R&D Lead, Impact Lead

    Did you know that as trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere?

    We want to plant 1x tree for each leader attending our training programs. For 2030 we want to plant 729.000 trees world wide 

    How to join the Impact-stories competition?

    We would like you to win! 

    Please choose one of the following entry programs.

    Each program offers you a valuable and unique training in Matrix-Q Communication Method that will help you prepare the presentation of your project for the competition, or join FREE OF CHARGE.

    Please for more details read the alternatives below


    • After completing the first 3 months trial season of the Matrix-Q Community, if eiligible, you are welcome to apply free of charge.
    • Eligibility Condition: if you have successfully completed the 27Days challenge-training 


    • If you are one of the winners of the Matrix-Q Impact-Journey competition, you are welcome to apply free of charge.
    • You have a business project idea in the field of the topic you have won the competition
    • Eligibility Condition: You have participated and are one of the winners


    • After completing the 5 training and coaching sessions included in any of the Matrix-Q Essentials Communication package, if eiligible, you are welcome to apply free of charge.
    • Eligibility Condition : A recommendation by the coach-trainer


    • Your company or start-up have received a consultancy program in Matrix-Q Corporate Intelligence you are welcome to apply free of charge
    • Eligibility Condition: You have implemented or started projects in your company dedicated to sustainable development, social impact or circular economy


    • After completing the 9 Matrix-Q  Coaching & Training sessions for Matrix-Q Communication Method, using the Matrix-Q GTE Quantum-Business Tool
    • Eligibility Condition : A recommendation by the coach-trainer


    • You are member of the Matrix-Q Akademia and have successfully completed at least the Matrix-Q Yellow Belt 
    • Eligibility Condition: You have completed certificates in the use of the Matrix-Q GTE Quantum-Business tool for holistic strategic management, as well as Matrix-Q Compliance, for sustainable development


    • If no one of the programs above suits your interest
    • You are welcome to choose the alternative of paying a registration fee 
    • The registration fee includes a subscription for a 3 months e-workbook, (Matrix-Q Communication Method) with audio and video guidance for the preparation of the documentation of the project you want to participate with

    REGISTRATION Special Categories

    Candidates are welcome to join the following programs according to their expertise and communication focus.


    Everyone can join, for all ages and fields of expertise or creative-art, communication forms.


    A step-by-step journey to join the Matrix-Q Ecosystem as impact-leader with communication skills


    Experienced speakers, authors, copywritters, youtubers, podcasters may join this category receive advanced challenges and prizes 


    NGOs, Coporate & Cities may join, with focus on values communication for both company culture and market, customers and stakeholders 


    Free of Charge

    • If you feel ready to tell your story, and no one of the programs above is interesting for you
    • You are welcome to choose the free of charge program
    • The creative materials sent my the candidates that did choose this alternative will be all of them placed in a digital archive with an associated a correlative number/code. Once every solstice and equinox, a maximum of 27 creative-works will be randomly (we use an algorithm) chosen for the preselection.
    • All candidates will that used this alternative will participate in the competition (that takes place 4 times per year), but in batches of maximum of 27 creative-works will be evaluated every season.
    • First arrived, first served rule.
    • With the collaboration of our volunteers, for the year 2021 we plan to increse the number to 144 creative-artworks  


    Free of Charge

    • If you feel ready to tell your story, and no one of the programs above is interesting for you
    • You are welcome to choose the free of charge program offered to Matrix-Q Volunteers, inlcuding those that contributed to Matrix-Q Impact-Journey or Matrix-Q Impact-Stories competition
    • If you have completed a minimum number of volunteer tasks, and received at least 144 Matrix-Q tokens for your volunteer work
    • A volunteer that engages at least one completeseason supporting the Matrix-Q Impact Stories Competition may receive as rewards the 144 Matrix-Q Tokens
    • The Matrix-Q Impact-Stories competition is organized 4 times per year: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring
    • Then you are welcome to participate in the competition free of charge

    How to prepare your creative-work for the competition?

    In order to complete your application you will need to send by email the following 

    1. Your creative work should be totally innovative or done with innovative method or a traditional artistic form applied to a global pressing issue (SDG's). 
    2. Your creative work in digital format (choose only one of the alternatives below):
      • 1 A4 Jpg Format
      • 1 Audio 3 min mp3 format
      • 1 Video 3 min mp4 format 
    3. 30 seconds live-pitch video or voice-over presentation with 1 slide, introduing your art-work
    4. Fill out a survey we will send you once we have received the items 1 to 3.
    5. Your photo (jpg format) and profile as creator (in txt.format)
    6. LinkedIn profile url.


    Everybody wins! 

    • All candidates that joined the competition, will receive a GIFT CERTIFICATE in value of 97,00 EUR to join the " Matrix-Q Communication Method Webinar for Creative-Artists with Positive Impact" includes a gamified micro e-workshop ( Speaker: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Founder of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Chairman CEO Matrix-Q Solutions / Innovation-Hub)
    • After the preselection process, eligible candidates will join e-workshops, e-learning, e-master-classes and webinars with essential content that will help them enhance the creative art-work they presented to the competition, and get ready for the ROUND01 of the competition.

    ROUND01 [up to 243 winners]

    • Winners of the ROUND01 will be published in our digital platform, receive a home page for their art-work.
    • Winners of the ROUND01 may present a new creative-artwork to the Matrix-Q Impact-Stories Competition up-to 4 time per year, 1 creative art work per season
    • Winners of the ROUND01 will receive additional e-master-classes (in value of 1.000,00 EUR). with content they need to utilize for the ROUND02

    ROUND02 [up to 27 winners]

    • Winners of the ROUND02 wil receive individual and group e-coaching sessions (in value of 4.500,00 EUR) that will help them reach out to social-entrepreneurs, impact-agents, innovators, cities, impact-investors, with their creative work and contribute to create a positive impact.
    • Winner of the ROUND02 may present their art-work 4 times per year, a maximum of 2 projects at the time, to the Matrix-Q Impact-Stories competition
    • Winner of the ROUND02 will be invited for a 9 min video interview, where they can tell their personal story in detail. This video interview will be published in our digital platform

    ROUND03 [up to 9 winners]

    • Winners of the ROUND03 will be invited to join the community of story tellers of the Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub. Where will be invited to contribute with their art-work, create a positive impact, by participating in communication projects for sustainable development. Including paid jobs (you can contact us for more details)
    • Winner of the ROUND03 will be invited for a 45 min micro-documentary to be published at the Matrix-q Alliance for innovators and entrepreneurs, a think tank dedicated to solve the barrier of "thinking and behavioral change".
    • Winners of the ROUND03 will join an intensive training program online dedicated to communication for sustainable development, social-impact and human-inclusion in value of 14.500,00 EUR
    • and receive each of them 900 Matrix-Q Tokens Class 6, they can use to trade for any service or product they would like to choose from the Matrix-Q MarketPlace
    • Winners of the ROUND03 that have successfully completed successfully 9 jobs, within 12 following months,  for the Matrix-Q Innovation Hub Start-ups, will receive a complementary training in the Matrix-Q Communication Method for Consultants in Value of 30.000,00 EUR, including certificates and licenses (Please contact us for more details, additional conditions apply)


    • Matrix-Q Consultants will evaluate the art-work by utilizing the GTE Quantum-Business Tool, for holistic strategic management. The tool generates a number of points for each creative-work.
    • Winners of an evaluation round will be the candidates that have reached the higher number of points in each evaluation round, and no less than the minimumm threshold of points accepted for the winners of the respective round.
    • Candidates need to intent to solve a higher level of systemic complexity with their creative-work, and yet communicate a simple, direct, and clear message.
    • For each evaluation round the capacity of the creative-work to solve a higher level of systemic complexity will be assessed

    Prepare yourself for the Matrix-Q Impact-Stories Competition

    The Matrix-Q Data-Driven Algorithmic Actionable Communication Methodology