Matrix-Q Impact Coding

You are the creative innovator our planet needs

  • Create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • Technology 4.0, gamification and creativity applied to solve global pressing issues
  • Scale impact, with digital and smart solutions


  • Coding competition


  • Craft a design, an algorithm, a demo or code a game
  • Apply holistic, multidisciplinary, strategic thinking in order to design, and code, educative and productivity e-games (to learn-play and work-play, create a positive impact by playing: impact-play)


With your creativity?

  • Address one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)
  • Address entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact-investment
  • Enable awareness rasing, accelerated learning, thinking and behavior change
  • Accelerate the transition of our planet back to sustainable living
  • Accelerate the transition to a circular economy
Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Founder, CEO, R&D Lead, Impact Lead

Did you know that as trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere?

We want to plant 1x tree for each leader attending our training programs. For 2030 we want to plant 729.000 trees world wide 

How to join the competition?

We would like you to win! 

Matrix-Q Solutions aims for the development of holistic and human inclusive applications.

Do you have the experience and multidisciplinary creativity capacity needed for this competition?

We offer you a deal and two alternatives


  • Get your capacity tested, receive our advise, regarding the best match between your current mindset and creativity capacity and a global pressing issue or SDG you may solve with greater success.
  • What do you need to do?  schedule a capacity e-test, which includes an assessment, matching and coaching session.  
  • What next? The competition registration fees are included in the e-test and assessment session. You may work in your creative project and present it to the competition.



  • You have already an idea, a design, algorithm or game you think it is a good match to our competition? 
  • You trust your current ability and believe you are ready to solve global pressing issues with your creativity?
  • What do you need to do? Complete the registration (fees) and present your creative work on time.



  • Create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • Contribute to achieve the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)


  • Winners may receive a contract with the Matrix-Q Innovation Hub as developers and product owners
  • The agreement includes project fees, royalties and passive income 


  • Winners of each evaluation round (everybody wins) will be invited to join remote training programs provided by the Matrix-Q Akademia, and receive subscriptions to capacity building content (e-learning) to acquire complementary knowledge, skills, technology that will help them bridge the impact-coding gap, in value of 30.000,00 EUR
    • Holistic Economy
    • SDG's Compliance
    • Circular thinking, innovation and strategic management
    • Life-work balance & Happiness at work
    • Holistic Lean Learning
    • Self-Management & Productivity
    • Emotional intelligence, creativity and adaptive capacity
    • Sustainability, inclusion
    • Entrepreneurship, leadership and impact-investment
    • Trapped value release, multidisciplinary innovation
    • and more


  • Winners of the competition will join a Coding-BootCamp in value of 14.000,00 EUR, including 9 modules dedcated to the incubation, and acceleration of the project, holistic strategic management 
  • With tailor-made capacity building, consultancy, coaching, mentoring
  • Winner may apply with their projects to the Matrix-Q Fund, for resources necessary for the development of their projects

How to prepare your project for the competition?

In order to complete your application you will need to send by email the following 

  1. Complete registration form and fees
  2. Info-graphic JPG format, Project presentation, 1 slide
  3. 30 seconds live-pitch video or voice-over presentation with 1 slide
  4. Project
    1. If you have created an idea, for a project, be sure to present it in no more than 9 slides.
    2. If you have created an algorithm, demo its us, with at least 3 slides presentatione
    3. If you have creafted a demo, be sure to introduce it clearly, with a story and impact narrative
    4. If you have coded a project, game, use github to share with us the first versions of the project. You also need to create a 9 slides presentation
  5. Fill out a survey we will send you once we have received the step number 4.
  6. Your photo and profile as coder need to be send by email. If you pass the first rounds of evaluation, we will create a home page for your project.
  7. Any of the following: Business registration details, chamber of commerce, or author copyright (publication) or  research studies (paper), patent register number, or github profile.
  8. LinkedIn profile url.
  9. Whatsapp number

Send you application using we-transfer, if necessary, to

Competition Rules & Rounds



  • There are 3 competition rounds
  • For each round a Matrix-Q Tool will be used (Matrix-Q GTE Quantum Business Tool), to assess the number of points that will be given to your project and tailor-made the complementary training (capacity building) you need for the next round.
  • After each round, the eligible winners will receive a capacity building program (Valuated in 30.000,00 EUR) designed to help them level-up their project (CREATE AN UPGRADE) and present it for the next competition round.
  • EVERYBODY WINS! The candidates that do not pass any round, will also receive a capacity building program, and coaching-training sessions with a Matrix-Q Coach, Webinars and Master Classes  (Valuated in 9.000,00 EUR) designed to help them improve their creativity.  Candidates that did not pass, may apply again with the same project in the next competition ( new registration fees apply)
  • Candidates that attended the remote training sessions and completed learning tasks will receive Matrix-Q Tokens they can later trade for capacity building programs, coaching and training sessions.
  • Deadlines for the presentation of the new upgrades, efter each round of evaluation, will be given after publication of results. The upgrades will need to be presented within no less than 27 days.


  • Any developer can apply to join the Matrix-Q Coding competition. Including developers that have already experience, are trained in the Matrix-Q Method and are certified Matrix-Q Developers.
  • For those candidates that have decided to integrate the Matrix-Q Standard in their innovations (Should be holders of a valid Matrix-Q Licenses, provided by the Matrix-Q Research Institute) the assessment of the pojects will include Matrix-Q Standard Compliance
  • Winners of the  competition may apply for a capacity building program (Matrix-Q Akademia) and developer license agreement (Matrix-Q Standard Compliance) which authorizes them to develop Matrix-Q Method derivatives, services and products. The agreement includes product shared ownership (Derivatives of Matrix-Q Method are property of the Matrix-Q Solutions Company and Matrix-Q Research Institute), royalties and product development strategy. 

There are no limits for your creativity

Act now!

  • Join the Matrix-Q Coding Competition
  • Build a passive income with your creativity
  • Scale a positive impact in nature, societies and economies

Start the new year 2021 with a new creative positive challenge 

Take the opportunity

The Matrix-Q Coding Competition will help you 

engage in a global mission, and enable a better future for the following 9 generations