Matrix-Q Impact Journey - Start-Ups Competition

Matrix-Q Impact Journey

The next generation entrepreneurs bridge the skills gap 

  • The Matrix-Q Impact Journey is a data-driven competition dedicated to level-up the holistic-strategic management and social-impact capacity of entrepreneurs (start-ups)
  • From ideation to investment ready
  • With 9 categories and 9 programs
  • The Matrix-Q Impact-Journey gives to start-ups the momentum necessary to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • Prizes from 243,00 EUR to 90.000,00 EUR for the winners, provided in the form of consultancy services, digitalization, prototyping, coaching, masterclsses and training 
  • An international competition where everybody wins, from impact-agents, to social-entrepreneurs and organisations that aim to do their first steps (or reach the next level) towards social responsibility, circularity, sustainable living or climate proof business.

How to join the competition?

We would like you to win! 

Please choose one of the following entry programs.

Each program offers you a valuable and unique training in holistic-strategic management that will help you prepare the presentation of your project for the competition.


  • After completing the first 3 months trial season of the Matrix-Q Community, if eiligible, you are welcome to apply free of charge.
  • Eligibility Condition: if you have successfully completed the 27Days challenge-training 


  • If you are one of the winners of the Matrix-Q Impact-Stories competition, you are welcome to apply free of charge.
  • You have a business project idea in the field of the topic you have won the competition
  • Eligibility Condition: You have participated and are one of the winners


  • After completing the 5 training and coaching sessions included in any of the Matrix-Q Essentials packages, if eiligible, you are welcome to apply free of charge.
  • Eligibility Condition : A recommendation by the coach-trainer


  • Your company or start-up have received a consultancy program in Matrix-Q Corporate Intelligence you are welcome to apply free of charge
  • Eligibility Condition: You have implemented or started projects in your company dedicated to sustainable development, social impact or circular economy


  • After completing the 9 Matrix-Q  Coaching & Training sessions for Holistic Strategic Management, using the Matrix-Q GTE Quantum-Business Tool
  • Eligibility Condition : A recommendation by the coach-trainer


  • You are member of the Matrix-Q Akademia and have successfully completed at least the Matrix-Q Yellow Belt 
  • Eligibility Condition: You have completed certificates in the use of the Matrix-Q GTE Quantum-Business tool for holistic strategic management, as well as Matrix-Q Compliance, for sustainable development


  • If no one of the programs above suits your interest
  • You are welcome to choose the alternative of paying a registration fee 
  • The registration fee includes a subscription for a 3 months e-workbook, with audio and video guidance for the preparation of the documentation of the project you want to participate with
Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Founder, CEO, R&D Lead, Impact Lead

Did you know that as trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere?

We want to plant 1x tree for each leader attending our training programs. For 2030 we want to plant 729.000 trees world wide 

How to prepare your business / project for the Impact-Journey competition?

In order to complete your application you will need to send by email the following 

  1. Info-graphic JPG format, Business / Project presentation, 1 slide
  2. Info-graphic, Impact you will create with your business / project, 1 slide
  3. Info-graphic, The strategy you will use to develop your business / project, 1 slide
  4. Info-graphic, The road-map of your business / project, 1 slide
  5. 30 seconds live-pitch video or voice-over presentation with 1 slide
  6. Fill out a survey we will send you once we have received the items 1 to 5.
  7. Your photo and profile as entrepreneur/innovator 
  8. Business registration details, chamber of commerce, or author copyright (publication) or  research studies (paper), patent register number.
  9. LinkedIn profile url.


Every-body wins!

In the Matrix-Q Impact-Journey competition every registered participant will win at least a prize of 243,00 EUR value (e-Training program).

Winners of all the competition rounds, and challenges, may reach a total of 90.000,00 EUR value in prizes ( see below list of training programs, coaching, cosultancy, digitalization services included as prizes )

Matrix-Q Impact-Journey for Start-Ups

The following below is the list of prices, services and programs you will win, if eligible. 


  • The Matrix-Q Impact Journey Competition welcomes applications 4 times per year at solstice and equinox dates
  • The competition, challanges, evaluations, prizes (see programs below) takes place along at least 12 months program for the winners, with the motto: " Slow is good ".
  • We believe that a successful business project needs time to evolve, from a seed to its fruits, a process that need to be nurtured and natural, for the product, team, and market to fully embrace mission, vision, values, and impact.   


  • Your start-up team will complete a tailor-made program to prepare you, and support you along  the entrepreneurial adventure, includingthe following START-UPS PROGRAMS. 

Everybody wins

at the



You do not want to wait !  

Are the 12 months process to slow for you ?

You want to start now ?

Then we challenge you to start your journey today. 

Please choose one of the programs below 


  • Matrix-Q Tools for Holistic Strategic Management, Life-Work Balance, Innovation
  • Coaching, workshop, masterclass, 5 hours scheduled within 4 weeks


  • Matrix-Q Tools for Ideation, creativity, entrepreneurship, holistic strategic management
  • for business projects active less than 2 years.
  • 3 modules, scheduled within 3 months)


  • Matrix-Q Tools for sustainable growth
  • Start-ups active more than 2 years, ready  scale up
  • 6 modules, scheduled within 6 months


  • Data-driven business valuation challenge 

  • Human metrics - human team capacity valuation, access to market, revenue generation, assets

  • 6-9 months data-generation


  • Immersive Matrix-Q Trainings, 9 modules training, coaching, e-learning, scheduled within 9 months, small circles of 3 to 9 attendees


  • Matrix-Q Method for Multidisciplinary Innovation, digitalisation, prototyping 
  • 3-9 modules, scheduled within 3-9 months

EDU-TECH Challenge 

  • Matrix-Q Methodology  for education (data-driven) , integrated  to your products, services & start-up
  • 3-9 modules, scheduled within 3-9 months


  • Qualify for investors and business angels attention
  • Matrix-Q Fund support
  • 3 modules, scheduled within 3-6+ months


  • HUMAN COMPETENCES: leadership, holistic strategic thinking, circular thinking, adaptive capacity, innovation capacity, social empathy, emotional intelligence, actionable communication, learning skills, life-work balance, happiness capacity, entrepreneurship
  • COMPLIANCE: Cicularity, SDG's, Climate Proof, Positive Impact, Social-inclusion, Economy recovery, health Sustainability, Tech for good.
  • IMPACT: Holistic Assessment of impact, innovation-driven social-impact entrepreneurship
  • 1 full day to 9 full days scheduled within 3 months


Innovators Program

  • Start-Up Visa Mentorship Program, for innovators-entrepreneurs that want to establish themselves with our start-ups in the Netherlands

  • 3 modules, scheduled within 3 months


  • Fully integrate in your start-up/company  with Matrix-Q Licenses, certificates, standard, applications (technology)
  • 6-9 modules, scheduled within 9 months


  • You would like to explore new business models and possibilities that focus on sustainability and social impact.

  • You would like to spot and release trapped value in your organisation with the aim to enable social impact and discover opportunities to engage into sustainability and corporate responsibility practices

  • You have been running a company for more than 5 years (maybe less than 15 years)

  • 9 months within 1 year time, In synch with your business natural cycle


with social-impact

Create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies, by transforming your organization from inside-out