12+ (License) Training Programs
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The Matrix-Q License (Programs)

  • The Matrix-Q Akademia offers hands-on, learning by playing and learning by doing programs
  • You will be assigned to learning activities that create a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies
  • We offer 12+ (remote) programs that vary in intensity, time dedication, and budget.  (Read the overview )

  • You can get your first certificate in 12 weeks)(Learn more about Matrix-Q Licenses)

Think, feel, act, lead, and create a positive impact with the Matrix-Q knowledge acquired

By joining the Matrix-Q License program you receive training to help you acquire and develop new knowledge, skills, competences, technology, tools, data, innovation, methodology, and systems

  • The Matrix-Q Guild is the association of Matrix-Q Certificates & Licenses Holders
  • Thanks to the Matrix-Q Guild we can provide to our customers a transparent and effective matching service, between their organizations and challenges, the Matrix-Q Solutions (innovations, products and services) and the Matrix-Q License Holders.
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize the management of the outcome, performance and capacity delivered by the Matrix-Q License Holders