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  • Choose the start-up you prefer
  • Join the Matrix-Q Akademia to complete the skills, knowledge and exprience you need in order to join the start-up
  • Level-Up your leadership & entrepreneurial capacity
  • Boost your creativity, multidisciplinary & holistic innovation capacity

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Join a Matrix-Q Start-up to create a positive impact in nature, societies & economies

Application Process

Why to join us?

  • Remote working from any place in the world
  • Continues learning, certificates and licenses
  • Mentorship, coaching
  • Like-mindsed community
  • Human inclusive (discrimination zero): Nationality, language, academic education, non academic education, gender, PwD, immigrants.
  • Gender equity, diversity and equality. We aim to have a 50% male + 50% female non-polarized team. We encourage colaboration and co-creativity.

Create a new future for yourself, your community and the next 9 generations

  • Join our start-up capacity building program (The Matrix-Q Akademia)  to discover a new path for your career, as innovators, leader, entrepreneur
  • Discover new competences, interests and knowledge
  • Unleash your human potential and thrive by engaging in activities, roles, tasks and challenges that makes you happy


The Matrix-Q Methodology Applied

Our start-ups share in common an innovative methodology for ultidisciplinary research and development (R&D), innovation, organization, production, holistic strategic management, leadership and human capital management.


  • Multidisciplinary
  • Holistic
  • Data-Driven
  • Assisted by A.I. Engine
  • SDG's Compliant
  • Circular
  • Human Inclusive
  • SaaS Digital Platform for Capacity Building and team collaboration

You will learn how to utilize our multidisciplinary and holistic innovation methodology, co-create with us new social, technology, entrepreneurial, engineering or life-science innovations.

In order to join a Matrix-Q Start-up team you need to complete a training which inlcudes Matrix-Q Methodology, tools, skills, data, technology and knowledge. To demonstrate your capacity of solving complex challenges, team collaboration, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship. Accordingly you receive a role and tasks in the start-up team.

We share our wealth & support your entrepreneurial vision

We would like you to become an entrepreneur with capacity to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies. For this purpose you will receive, if eligible, one or more of the following benefits:

  • Hands-on, gamified, tokenized continous capacity building
  • Work-study contract
  • 9+ compensation (income, streams) from royalties, commissions, affiliate %, success bonus, compensation/unit/hr of service, project based wages, part-time/full time
  • 5 property and ownership agreements: convertible bonds, R&D Creativity property shares, class shares, in one or more of our start-ups and companies.
  • C-level holistic strategic management training
  • Co-founder challenges and opportunities to invest in our start-ups (convertible loans)
  • Tokens you can trade for products and services provided by our ecosystem members
  • Capital and resources, you can utilize to boost your start-up (Matrix-Q Fund)

Matrix-Q Impact-Journey for Start-Ups

Your start-up team will complete a tailor-made program to prepare you, and support you along  the entrepreneurial adventure, includingthe following START-UPS PROGRAMS. (Free of charge only for eligible Matrix-Q Start-Ups Team members)


  • Matrix-Q Tools for Holistic Strategic Management, Life-Work Balance, Innovation
  • Coaching, workshop, masterclass, 5 hours scheduled within 4 weeks


  • Matrix-Q Tools for Ideation, creativity, entrepreneurship, holistic strategic management
  • for business projects active less than 2 years.
  • 3 modules, scheduled within 3 months)


  • Matrix-Q Tools for sustainable growth
  • Start-ups active more than 2 years, ready  scale up
  • 6 modules, scheduled within 6 months


  • Data-driven business valuation challenge 

  • Human metrics - human team capacity valuation, access to market, revenue generation, assets

  • 6-9 months data-generation


  • Immersive Matrix-Q Trainings, 9 modules training, coaching, e-learning, scheduled within 9 months, small circles of 3 to 9 attendees


  • Matrix-Q Method for Multidisciplinary Innovation, digitalisation, prototyping 
  • 3-9 modules, scheduled within 3-9 months

EDU-TECH Challenge 

  • Matrix-Q Methodology  for education (data-driven) , integrated  to your products, services & start-up
  • 3-9 modules, scheduled within 3-9 months


  • Qualify for investors and business angels attention
  • Matrix-Q Fund support
  • 3 modules, scheduled within 3-6+ months


  • HUMAN COMPETENCES: leadership, holistic strategic thinking, circular thinking, adaptive capacity, innovation capacity, social empathy, emotional intelligence, actionable communication, learning skills, life-work balance, happiness capacity, entrepreneurship
  • COMPLIANCE: Cicularity, SDG's, Climate Proof, Positive Impact, Social-inclusion, Economy recovery, health Sustainability, Tech for good.
  • IMPACT: Holistic Assessment of impact, innovation-driven social-impact entrepreneurship
  • 1 full day to 9 full days scheduled within 3 months


Innovators Program

  • Start-Up Visa Mentorship Program, for innovators-entrepreneurs that want to establish themselves with our start-ups in the Netherlands

  • 3 modules, scheduled within 3 months


  • Fully integrate in your start-up/company  with Matrix-Q Licenses, certificates, standard, applications (technology)
  • 6-9 modules, scheduled within 9 months


  • You would like to explore new business models and possibilities that focus on sustainability and social impact.

  • You would like to spot and release trapped value in your organisation with the aim to enable social impact and discover opportunities to engage into sustainability and corporate responsibility practices

  • You have been running a company for more than 5 years (maybe less than 15 years)

  • 9 months within 1 year time, In synch with your business natural cycle


with social-impact

Create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies, by transforming your organization from inside-out