Matrix-Q Belts Program

A Call for Action

Why you are invited to join the Matrix-Q Akademia ?

You are an aspiring or established:

  • Leader
  • Innovator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Investor

There is a challenge the Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub is taking, as a community of leader, entrepreneurs, innovators and impact investors

We are iviting you to join us

  • We have no longer than 10 years to achieve the UN Sustainable Developmet Goals (SDG's)
  • Within the following 5 years every entrepreneur that intents to constribute needs to fully and systemically integrate the SDG's into their business impact
  • In a close future we will experience many disruptive events and challenges that need to be addressed 
  • Including the impact created by climate change, covid-19 pandemic, global economy recovery, technology 4.0, and the transition into a circular economy (value chain transformation)
  • There are many positive as well as negative global disruptions that entrepreneurs can choose to prevent, conduce, or transform,  towards the creation of a positive impact in nature societies and economies
  • If you dare to become one of those entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators and investors that want to leave a better planet for the future 9 generations
  • Then the Matrix-Q Akademia Belts Program is the ideal path for you.

Our Impact TODAY

  • 12 Matrix-Q Innovations Native-Start-ups ready to receive new teams (social entrepreneurship)
  • 20 Innovation-driven companies members of the Matrix-Q Alliance of Innovators
  • 50 members, associated consultants, volunteers, interns have joined the Matrix-Q Akademia since 2020 January
  • Multidisciplinary R&D Innovation, since 1993 (Matrix-Q Research Institute, 2016, HQ The Netherlands)
  • 3000 units of training, coaching, mentorship delivered in the Netherlands since 2016
  • Our ecosystem has supported non profit organizations, etrepreneurs and consultants in the Netherlands with GIFTS over 200.000,00 EUR
  • 20 Data-driven Smart Applications (SaaS) for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine in development since 2019


  • 27 World Wide Locations (Matrix-Q Franchise)
  • 729.000 job positions
  • 729.000 Certified Matrix-Q Professionals (licenses) with multidisciplinary capacity for innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership
  • 27 R&D Innovation-Driven, Social-Impact Driven Start-ups with global impact
  • Matrix-Q Fund for impact investment
  • Contribution with the acceleration of the transition into a circular economy for 2030 30% and 2050 100%
  • The Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub becomes 100% circular by 2030
  • SGD's Compliance, The Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub integrates all the Sustainable development goals by UN in its strategic management, innovation, research, capacity building for team members and impact

You are the hero of this story

Join us to create impact today

27 Reasons to Act Now!

How it works

What can be better than the benefits we offer to our members ?

The hands-on, gamified, tokenized, data-driven and holistic training program offers you the following benefits

  1. Holistic education system, we match 97% of the United Nations Standards for holistic education
  2. Circular Thinking - release linear thinking and fully integrate circularity in your daily business creativity
  3. We are a company school: while you learn, you work in real projects, create a positive impact, explore your potential, unleash your capacity, earn an income and acquire property in the company.
  4. Receive certificates and commercial licenses as Matrix-Q Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Innovator, Entrepreneur
  5. Modular training system. 81 Certificates. 12 Levels of training. Systemic application of knowledge.
  6. Belts System: The Matrix-Q Belts sign your capacity to apply the Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, technology, and methdology we have provided to you along our training sessions. Your ability to THINK, FEEL, CREATE, ACT & LEAD with the knowledge acquired is signed by the Matrix-Q Belts. You start as white belt (c) cadidate.  With 12 belts system, you receive the project and jobs opportunities according to your potential and capacity.
  7. Innovative Holistic Education methodology: gamified, tokenized, rewards-based, create a positive impact by playing games,  work-learn-play programs, data-driven
  8. Human-Metrics reports of your performance and capacity of learning, for you to measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity. 
  9. Receive coaching, mentorship and support by experienced Matrix-Q Coaches & Consultants
  10. Qualify to join one of the Matrix-Q native start-ups, franchise projects, consultancy team, multidisciplinary innovation projects or research groups.
  11. We pay you back 100% of the Akademia fees * ( Flat rate )
  12. Don't you have a budget to pay the Akademia  fees, then you can join our community, where we have a special pogram for you to earn and save, and qualify for projects and tasks to earn the money you need to invest later at the Matrix-Q Akademia. The Matrix-Q Community has been tokenized. For completion of tasks you earn tokens and that is how you keep your membership free of charge.
  13. We enable a passive income for your contribution: royalties, shares, convertible bonds
  14. A complete career and promotion plan, from project management assistant to C-level role, B2B Ambassador, Location Pioneer, Start-up co-founder or Franchise Manager
  15. Acquire all the necessary skills, competences, knowledge, data, technology and experience to become the kind of entrepreneur our planet needs today. With our all-round entrepreneurship education you develop a complete set of skills and adaptive capacity you need to run and lead a company by your own. You will become ready to manage and build up a team or run solo projects.
  16. Learn  to utilize our multidisciplinary  innovation methodology to enable the solutions our future needs. You will have also property of your I.P. innovation.
  17. A complete mindset shift training, its necessary for you to become the leader you want to become. You will learn how to shift your mindset from academic, R&D, to leader, innovator, entrepreneur and impact investor
  18. We share and create more wealth with you together. Our Matrix-Q Fund will support/invest in your start-up, project or product development
  19. Become an impact investor, by developing the ability to generate wealth and boost local economies with innovation, entrepreneurship and social impact opportunities. (more details at the recruiting interview)
  20. You receive your own private and personal tailor-made Matrix-Q A.I. Artificial Intelligence Advisor, a data-driven  intelligent tool, as a service, tailor-made to your needs, personal goals, and career plan. It will help you better your choices for capacity building, projects choice and professional development. (You own the data and have full control)
  21. We are a gender inclusive Akademia.We advocate for gender balance, equity, diversity, inclusion and co-creativity. 50% of our team members, product owners and share holdes will be women. We encourage teams to be gender mixed and diverse. We do not support gender polarization.We prevent gender discrimination to protect both equaliy men and women.We enabling collective intelligence based on co-creativity: enabling all team members to integrate both male and female qualities, creativity and leadership.
  22. We are an inter-generational organization. You are too young to join us? let your parents join our company with you together. You are retired but you want to contribute with the time and energy you plan, you can join our Senior Program.
  23. With us you will find everything you need to learn. You want to start over, learn a new professional path. Do you have experience and knowledge already but missing the practical experience. Or maybe you have experience and wish for a more solid knowledge background? Your academic and no academic competences are welcome. We do not discriminate your academic education. At the Matrix-Q Akademia you learn by doing, you will receive from us all the theory, practical, technical knowledge and competences training you need.
  24. Your own culture, language, nationality and origin are welcome. We aim for a global sustainable and inlcusive culture, in which we recognize each other as global citizens with unique cultural or life story experiences.
  25. Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover. You will learn why this statement defines what the Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub is
  26. We create with you together a bridge that connects our past with our future: with the study of nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations; with modern data-driven science and technology, we address global pressing issues, and create an advanced sustainable global civilization in peace. You will become a bridge and a bridge creator, that enable a positive perception and appreciation of nature inspired cultures and civilizations, and you will apply their knowledge combined with modern science and technology in order to develop solutions our world needs today. 

  27. Membership in the Matrix-Q Community (Free of charge). A like-minded community of entrepreneurs, Participate in e-games, L.A.R.R.P. Life action remote role play games, international digital competitions with prizes over 90.000,00 EUR, job opportunities, special assignments and missions, work-life balance activities, travel-expeditions, innovators-alliance, e-library with e-books, publications and media, a tokenized inner economy system, and much more

Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Come as you are

Our mission is to help you create more positive impact

Join us now


With the First Step


Do you prefer a first public experience? We held weekly information webinars and demo sessions . Please register by e-mail to include you in the waiting list

12 Matrix-Q Start-ups

9 Matrix-Q Franchise Projects

are waiting for your creativity, inspiration and values-driven entrepreneurship

Circular Economy

with Doughnut Economics

SDG's Compliance & Circularity achieved with thinking and behavioral change

The Matrix-Q Method Applied

  • Along the last 1000 years linear thinking has influenced the industry, leaders, technology innovators, scientific researchers, educators and investors; creating as a result resource depletion, waste, the extinction of millions of species, and human inequalities
  • At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we believe that circular economy applied in combination with doughnut economics, the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG's) and the Matrix-Q Methodoloy , if developed with a human inclusive approach will be enable a systemic transformation of the value chain, and cities; creating new opportunities for economic growth through sustainability practices.
  • The key element is the human creativity, the human factor, the human variable of the sustainable development equation.
  • In our moder times, in order to become free of the influence and control the impact created by linear thinking, we need to review all research studies, strategic management, business models, organization and product design.
  • A systemic change of thinking and behavior needs to be achieved
  • Our research studies brought us to understand that human cognition, emotional intelligence, thinking pattern-change, perception of value (innovation opportunities) and holistic/sustainability thinking need to be trained, in order to make from the habit, a tool for the next generation leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.
  • Academic education, acquisition of information, business models, tools, impact reports and demo designs is not enough for the level of sustainable change we would like to achieve.
  • We want to leave behind a better planet than the one we found at the date of our birth. We want to leave a legacy, to solve challenges and create opportunities for the next 9 generations. We need as soon as possible to fix the problems created in the past, with lineal thinking, in order to control their outcome/impact in the future.
  • More than ever, for the health of our planet, and for the human quality of life, prevention is necessary. Achieved through thinking and behavioral change, a reduced investment and sustainable outcome in more than one generation can be achieved.
  • For this reason we have specialized ourselves into what we call " Human-Circularity", the circularity principles applied to human creativity, human competences (Capacity of adaptation, learning, innovation, leadership, holistic strategic thinking...), human capital management, life-work balance, learning (education methodology), management of wealth and economy, and social-inclusion.
  • We believe in an inclusive society, in the capacity of humanity to be accountable and engage into responsible actions.

The Matrix-Q Akademia offers a complete holistic training program in which strategic-thinking, learning, social-empathy, emotional intelligence, technical skills, adaptation, acquisition of knowledge, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, create all together the value delivered

Modular Learning System



12 Belts (levels) of training. Systemic application of knowledge.

The belt indicates user capacity to solve a level of complexity.

  • White Belt to Blue Belt
    • Self-management, project management, compliance (SDG's, Circularity, Sustainability, Human-Inclusion, Climate Proof, Social-impact), Leadership, Multidisciplinary Innovation, Team Building

  • Black Belts & Green Belt
    • Associated consultant, project manager, coach, trainer, management assistant, start-up team member, entrepreneur, trapped value release, innovation

  • Copper Belt to Golden Belt and above
    • Strategic Management, C-Level responsibilities, Corporate responsibility, Change Management


Our customers experienced an easy tool to use that can be learned quickly.

Along the assessment sessions and training, they solved most of their challenges already. With the GTE Quantum Business Tool we help you create holistic impact

__ . __

The Matrix-Q Methodology and work connects people, organizations and the ecosystem of which we are all part. This holistic approach is crucial to be successful as well as sustainable. Innovation can only happen once we understand the dynamics of human behavior. MQ9 connects all the dots.”

  Arnold Beekes,

Business Consultant, The Netherlands

__ . __

The uniqueness of his thinking and approach lies in the fact that he has combined his research on ancient nature inspired social and economic principles, with modern day business and social models (…). The tools he has developed from here have the unique characteristic that they are of a holistic and mathematic nature at the same time and can be applied to any type, form and size of organization, as well as for individuals.

Monique van de Vijver

Solidaridad Network, International Innovation Leader, The Netherlands

__ . __

The professional knowledge and experience Luis brings to this endeavor is unique and innovative

Stefan Bram, Innovation Lead

Utrecht Inc Start-Ups Incubator, The Netherlands

__ . __

L.D.M.F. (Matrix-Q) expertise is novel and useful to organizational development. The holistic approach that he has developed firts well with the aim of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, suggested by the United Nations for 2030)

Arno de Snoo,

Lecturer at International Development Management

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

__ . __

I had a challenge with one of the projectsI’m running. Luis offered me a session to explore these challenges. The session was very insightful! Mostly because it helped me to look at this particular project form a different angle. It’s is hard to do that yourself as an insider. Luis developed an approach which is very professional. Besides that he is a good listener and inspirational.

Daan Modderman,

Change Agent, Consultant,

Better Future, The Netherlands

__ . __

" Its a great place to work if you are interested in creating a social impact and truly collaborate with the people within the team.

While interning at the company, I really appreciated the CEO’s attitude and mindset. Luis is a great person who takes into consideration personal circumstances and has no qualms being flexible, as well as truly value the input of the people around him regardless of their status.

I was allowed to independently think and do meaningful tasks, rather than the expected intern tasks. Of course, there were the typical startup struggles- a frazzled environment for one, or employees coming in and out.

However overall, my experience working with the team has been a positive one. I wish the team all the best."

Nadia Winona Kangmasto

Management Assistant Intern

Matrix-Akademia 2020 Summer Season