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9 Months Program

To Create a Positive Impact

Reach a Matrix-Q Black Belt, within 9 months intensive training. Solve challenges. Collaborate with projects dedicated to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable world. Create a positive impact.

  • 2 days training/week
  • Complete learning tasks within 1 week
  • 36 weeks within 9 months

Become a leader, entrepreneur, with an impact-investor mindset. Invest yourself 9 months to earn your Matrix-Q Black Belt, Matrix-Q Certificates and Licenses as Matrix-Q trainer, coach, consultant, and innovator.


  • Mentoring, Coaching-Training (Individual)
  • Training, Group-Coaching


  • Matrix-Q Certificates : Become a Matrix-Q certified coach, trainer and consultant able to provide Matrix-Q Certificates
  • Matrix-Q Work-Play : Play Matrix-Q Games to earn tokens and EUR.
  • Matrix-Q Capacity Assessment Sessions and data-driven reports of your performance, coaching sessions
  • Matrix-Q Challenges: Build a passive income that will grow in time

Your future at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem (if eligible):

  • Matrix-Q Belts (Rank). 12+ levels of responsibility and promotion associated to Licenses for commercial use of Matrix-Q Products and Services (for which Training, Application Capacity, is compulsory) as trainer, coach, consultant, innovator and entrepreneur
  • Matrix-Q Start-Ups. Qualify to join one of our native start-ups
  • Matrix-Q Franchise. Qualify to join our multinational team 

How does it work?

  • Choose one of the three entry points:
    • 1 Capacity assessment session
    • 1 Week trial (included: Capacity assessment, Mission Check Program, 2 coaching-training sessions) 
    • 9 Months Program
  • Weekly complete training units, earn certificates
  • Weekly complete learning activities and projects challenges, earn tokens
  • Weekly demonstrate your capacity to think, feel, create, make strategic decisions and act with the knowledge acquired. Earn licenses.
  • Data-driven capacity assessment reports: We measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity. (Matrix-Q Human Metrics will help you better your choices and performance)
  • Every solstice and equinox (season change) an evaluation of your acquired capacity will be done and you will be invited, accordingly, to join Matrix-Q Projects, Teams, Start-Ups that are a match for your achievements.
  • We pay you the training fees back. Once you have achieved a Black Belt (or higher rank) and an expected performance. (Please ask fo more details)

Now is the time for you to make a choice

Enable a future for the following 9 generations