Matrix-Q Emotions

The Matrix-Q Emotions


Emotional Intelligence

  • The Matrix-Q Method hels you achieve the next level of actionable emotional intelligence
  • We have organized human emotions in 9+ classes, correlated the ability to use skills, competences, knowledge, tools, and respond to specific type of challenges or engage with an specific leadership style 
  • Our training programs offers you the opportunity to explore and unleash your potential by developing your emotional intelligence
  • Our learning by doing, learning by playing, workingby playing methodology provides to you a real circumstances and simulation where to test your capacity to use the knowledge acquired and create a positive impact with it

The outcome of your time management, communication, strategy, and decisions is influenced by your emotions


9 Months remote study circle

with max. 9 Attendees


A modular learning systems help you build-up capacity and experience with focus topics

  • Matrix-Q Emotions and their influence on human perception, thinking, creativity and decision making.
  • Matrix-Q Thinking Tools & the 9+ classes of emotions
    • Linear, holistic, nature-inspired, strategic, circular, fractal, holographic, systemic, systems, strategic, time-based, creative, quantum thinking
  • The Matrix-Q Method
  • Matrix-Q Emotions & Decision Making Archetypes 
  • Matrix-Q Emotions & Perception of value 
    • The game of perspectives (from 1D to Multidimensional)
    • The 9 enablers of a human-inclusive holistic economy
    • Perception & Emotional Intelligence, The MindSet DNA
    • Adaptive capacity,  perception of value & emotional intelligence
  • Innovation Capacity & emotional intelligence
  • Matrix-Q Breathe, stress release, preventive health, mental health, work-life balance, happiness at work, and human emotions
  • Matrix-Q Performing Arts & human emotional Intelligence
  • SDG's Sustainable development goals and emotional intelligence (perception) barriers
  • Accelerated learning, thinking, and behavior change tools ( Matrix-Q Emotions ) 

Matrix-Q Emotions in 81 DAYS


  • The human species time-line of evolution can be described in 9+ stages, from which currently the greatest distribution of humanity has achieved skills in 2 out of 9. The next stage involve humanity to achieve collectively the ability to use emotional intelligence, data, perception and information systems to solve the complexity of life challenges.
  • Between 80% and 90% of humans today are not aware of their own skills, purpose or mission; and have only intelectual (information based) understanding of what emotional intelligence is, or how can it be used in daily life and business.
  • For the last 300 years, the linear-thinking has influenced industry, scientific research, technology, and government. Creating as an outcome resource depletion, waste, the extinction of millions of species, and climate change
  • We would like to bring the planet back to a sustainable future
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation are enablers of the change we need in the following 10 years.
  • Next-generation leaders bridge the adaptive capacity gap with Emotional Intelligence, Thinking & Innovation skills (The Matrix-Q Method

Thinking out of the box is not enough

Individual Training-Coaching Sessions


  • 1. Matrix-Q Breathe guided sessions (private, tailor-made content)
  • 2. Training (Matrix-Q Breathe) method 
  • 3. Coaching & advice focus : emotional intelligence

LENGTH: 40 min


  • 9 sessions are ideal to achieve a complete learning process. 
  • Our goal is that our students achieve a minimum level of completion of skills, necessary to carry the practice by their own
  • To explore and identify the level of capacity toutilize the 9+ classes of emotions


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