Matrix-Q House

Shared-House & Holistic Living


  • Share a house & holistic lifestyle with like-minded people 
  • Learn, create-impact, and earn: build the future you want
  • Build a passive income within 27 weeks 
  • Create income streams that will grow into the future

  • Join a community of innovation & impact-driven entrepreneurs 
  • Become a Matrix-Q Associated Consultant, Coach, Trainer
  • Become a nature-inspired and multidisciplinary innovator
  • Create a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies   

  • The future is filled with opportunities
  • Creative, innovative entrepenerial mindsets with capacity to create a positive impact will re-shape the industry, society, economy and culture
  • Are you one of those change makers?
  • Already-entrepreneurs (in-mind-set or in-experience) are challenged today to engage into sustainability practices and create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.
  • The Matrix-Q House will bring your creative-mindset and holistic living lifestyle to the next level, as entrepreneur, impact investor, leader, innovator or consultant
  • With a digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine, we help you create more entrepreneurial impact
  • Team members of the Matrix-Q House will use their creativity and lifestyle to build a passive income, create income streams and become eligible to join our community of innovation-driven, impact-driven entrepreneurs, start-ups, franchise projects, associated-consultants pool, innovators and leaders. (learn more about the benefits team members)

Start the new year 2021 with a new positive perspective on your future

Take the opportunity

The Matrix-Q House is an immersive experience

that will help you

set new goals, acquire knowledge and skills, tools and technology that will help you create  more impact, to enable the future you want.

The next Shared-House Project 

The Netherlands

Matrix-Q House Project Presentation Alpha.001
Matrix-Q House Project Presentation Alpha.002
Matrix-Q House Project Presentation Alpha.003
Matrix-Q Next Generation
Matrix-Q-Method. Nature Inspired
Matrix-Q- Gender Equality



  • The Matrix-Q Method applied
  • Performing arts
  • Self-management, time and process management
  • Project management
  • Work-life balance
  • Actionable Communication
  • Holistic Strategic Management
  • SDG's (UN Sustainable development goals)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Trainer, coach, consultant skills
  • Multidisciplinary Innovation capacity
  • Social empathy, Emotional Intelligence
  • Learning skills
  • Circular thinking
  • Leadership skills
  • Adaptive capacity, resilience


  • Apply the Matrix-Q Methodology to enable
    • Awareness raising and education with performing arts (SDG's UN Sustainable Development Goals)
    • Circular economy & holistic Living
    • Work-life balance, happiness at work
    • Forest Bathing, Nature/Outdoors 
    • Collective intelligence
    • Shared-Household, holistic economy
    • Passive income
    • Entrepreneurial metrics (access to market, reveunues, profit)
    • Human metrics (human capacity, adaptation, creativity, strategic thinking)
    • Scaling Impact (Online Community)
    • Onboarding school

  • We are a gender inclusive Akademia. We advocate for gender balance, equity, diversity, inclusion and co-creativity. 
  • 50% of our the team members, product owners and share holdes will be women. 
  • For the Matrix-Q House Projects, the distribution of team members (gender) in a house may vary according to project.  We encourage teams to be gender mixed and diverse. Even if they do not live in the house together. 
  • We do not support gender polarization.
  • We prevent gender discrimination to protect both equaliy men and women.
  • We enable collective intelligence based on co-creativity: by encouraging all team members to integrate both male and female qualities, creativity and leadership

Create a Positive Impact

with the SDG's 

The Matrix-Q House


  • An immersive community experience, which involves living and learning together as  entrepreneurs engaged to accelerate the transition back to sustainable living (provided by the Matrix-Q Akademia)
  • It is a learn-play, create-play and work-play hands-on program (with training-modules certificates included)  that brings the learn-players step by step into a creative playful work environment (entrepreneurial tasks), in which the shared-house members can create a positive impact together, as entrepreneurs, enabling income streams and passive income.


  • The Matrix-Q House Project will be developed in a number of locations
  • Each project may include a number of entrepreneurial projects
  • Matrix-Q House Projects will provide as well services by the Matrix-Q Akademia: Training, coaching and mentoring.
  • In all Matrix-Q House Projects research, development and innovation (utilizing data-driven, technology, assisted by Artificial Intelligence) are essential component of the productivity and scaling srategy.
  • Innovative circular economy, doughnut regenerative economy, holistic economy, shared-economy models will be applied and developed in all the Matrix-Q House Projects


  • The next Matrix-Q House will focus on Performing-Arts & Work-Life Balance, as core elements of the shared-household (holistic economy). 
  • Through performing arts we will raise awareness and educate on the 17 UN Sustainable development goals.
  • Through Work-Life balance we will enable an holistic nature-inspired lifestyle


  • Creative-Mindsets 
  • Passion for sustainable and holistic living
  • Enjoy nature
  • Entrepreneurial, values driven mindset
  • Learning skills, resilience and adaptation
  • Explore new opportunities


  • You may apply to one of the following entry points:
    • Shared-House Team 1: You live, learn, work at the house together
    • Shared-House Team 2: You do not live in the house, but work and create together at the house and online (The shared-house team 2 members are also in the waiting list to live in the house)
    • Shared-House Team 3: You do not live in the house, but work and create together online (You are in-training, learning Matrix-Q Certificates to lead or join an immersive experience later).
  • You may also join our training program (Matrix-Q Akademia - Certificates for Matrix-Q House Pioneers), to develop your own initiative at your location, from any place in the world.


  • Apply to join the Matrix-Q House, by sending your CV and a self-introduction letter, informing us: why you want to participate and the impact you would like to create in nature, societies and economies
  • Schedule a first interview with us
  • Eligible candidates will complete a registration process and start the trial program
    • General house rules: You need to have own stable income source, agree with the house and training fees and deposit, there is a shared economy (household) practiced, there are no pets, no-drugs (of any kind), you intent to commit to a 2 years program, you have completed a trial season already, you are a match for our team members profiles (projects), and other more specific conditions may apply. We will introduce you to all details in the interview.
  • The points and tokens candidates earn after completion of tasks, as well as their performance metrics, will be utilized to tailor-made the design of the immersive experience. The goal is to adjust the process-design in order to bring out the best of the candidate's performance.
  • Fees apply. We pay you the fees back, once you have reached the stage of entrepreneurial performance and capacity of application of Matrix-Q Methodology to solve complexity.
  • YOU ARE READY.  Register to join now! 3 TRIAL WEEKS to demonstrate your capacity
    Register, to join us now, and we will schedule your first 3 TRIAL-WEEKS. Along the three trial weeks you may demonstrate your capacity and engagement before we complete the formal assessment of your eligibility, (C.V. and application interviews), you can show us why you are an asset for our program.

Matrix-Q House in Rhenen

The Netherlands 

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The Location

  • City of Rhenen, NL
  • Grebbeberg Hill 50 mts ovs
  • BlueChamber nature reserve
  • Archaeological Nordic site of over 4.000 years old
  • The Cunera Church Tower
  • At the Rhine river
  • Direct train to Amsterdam & Utrecht
  • N225, N233, A12 & A15 Highways

The House

  • At the river bank, of Rhenen city

  • 300 mts walk to train station

  • Just 100 mts. from our home-door, the Grebebberg lake, forest, hiking and biking paths

  • Family friendly and quiet neighborhood

  • 10 min bike from the BlueChamber nature reserve

How is the Matrix-Q House Experience?

One day in the life of...

As your eyes open upon waking, you turn to look out the window. Birds are chirping happily announcing the start of a new day and the first rays of sunlight gently shoo the darkness of the night.

In gratefulness for the recharge of your sleep you let out a satisfied sigh as you welcome the arrival of yet another day of creation. You use the momentum of your brain flooding with plans for the day to swoop your legs out of bed and move into a delicious stretch. The dancing practice we’ve been doing together is increasing your flexibility and your body feels strong and connected.

You hear some movement downstairs; preparation for the morning activities. You decide to join in this morning, and start your day with an empowering yoga class. Exhilarated by the deep connection to your body and presence you then shower off all that doesn’t serve you for this day and join the morning check-in. It has been such bliss to connect to the group and listen to how every one is feeling. You never realised before how much energy went into trying to guess why others were being so blunt, wondering whether you did or said something to offend them. With the daily check-in you’re simply aware of everyones emotional presence, without having to change or justify it.

After everyones sharing, breakfast is ready and the group starts the day with the monthly strategic assessment and assigns the tasks for the weeks to come. We’ve already created so much together! The dance improvisation embodying nature principles is definitely one of your favourites so far. Especially exploring the geometry of our movements and nature assisted by A.I. has blown your mind lately.

You see the team getting excited about the current project; an exposition of sustainable art online for our international community and in the neighbouring forest that you’ve all come to love so much during the weekly forest bathings with the local community. The plan is to include live-art creation and engage visitors in the process to raise their awareness about the seventeen sustainable development goals. You just love speaking about how to manage a circular household with zero waste.

Along the morning we also care for our customers with holistic coaching and training sessions, life-work balance activities, produce content for our capacity-building programmes (e-learning) and schedule services for companies.

Before you know it, it is already time for the first breathing session of the day. As you close your eyes to take the first deep breath you feel your entire body relax in gratitude for you taking that moment to recenter yourself. When you open your eyes, recharged and realigned, a joyful message awaits you: Fresh, organic, vibrantly alive food is waiting for you!

After lunch it’s time for some training, learning and networking within the global community. You plan on sharing your story of today on social media. You were overwhelmed by the many learning opportunities within MQ, but the vision quest we did together helped you to set your priorities and focus your energy. And now you’re already progressing on your journey towards the blue belt!

With a brain full of newly acquired information, the afternoon breathing is a very welcome balancing act before grounding ourselves with movement and playful emotional expression. It's the moment in the week that someone in the group shares something they’ve been working on lately, and you’re rather curious to find out what that is.

A hilarious hour of mime experience later you now know that expressing your emotions without sound is a very powerful way to connect to yourself and others.

Like clockwork your belly begins to rumble the moment you hear the dinner bell. This day has been an absolute feast with one of the team in the kitchen that adores preparing healthy food. Such inspiration for your cooking day.

You decide to skip the evening activities for a long walk to the lake, where you practice your dancing in preparation for the workshop you have created for a group of customers. What will they feel when you share your authenticity with them?

You arrive back to a silent house with a buzzing atmosphere. Creative energy is flooding your system as you hear someone in the living room reading poetry to some gentle music. One of the guests that attended our monthly dinner presentation on sustainability topics is enjoying the rest of the evening with us.

So many different ways of expressing yourself creatively, and all can be turned into a performance to share truth and raise awareness. You wouldn’t have thought this experience was going to be so diverse.

The next event is going to be a big one, you think to yourself as you get ready for your journey into the dreamworld. Tomorrow we all attend a masterclass in hormonal shifts and balance, which will be very important to understand our own emotions and preferences. Let’s dream about what that is going to look like and how I can contribute tonight…


  • Immersive entrepreneurial experience:
    • By completing the daily/weekly tasks given, earned points, tokens and delivering the kind of entrepreneurial outcome that will bring the shared-house project to the next level.
  • Hands-on training:
    • You will receive first class experiential remote-training  and on-site training (learning by doing, learning by playing, learning by solving challenges), by the Matrix-Q Akademia
  • Certificates:
    • For every training module you complete, you will receive valuable Matrix-Q Certificates you may add to your CV.
  • Dedicated support:
    • You are not alone, we want you to be successfull. You will receive training-coaching, mentorship & advise.
  • Collective learning experience:
    • You learn and evolve faster in collaboration with others that share with you same mission and goals. The Matrix-Q Community, Matrix-Q Akademia & Matrix-Q Start-ups members, as well as the other Matrix-Q House candidates will join together in training sessions, collective coaching, life-work balance events, and on-going co-creative and paticipative learning experiences. 
  • Matrix-Q Belts:
    • A sign of your capacity to think, feel, create, innovate, act, lead and build passive income with the knowledge acquired. The Training facilitated by the Matrix-Q Akademia will bring you by the Matrix-Q Methodology:  Human+ Technology + Data = Success + Impact + unleash human potential. You will learn how to apply the Matrix-Q Method to measure, predict, develop, enhance and optimize your capacity, your multidisciplinary innovation skills, holistic strategic management skills, sustaniability knowledge (SDG's, Circularity, Doughnut economy, social impact, inclusion, impact investment), leadership skills, human competences, coding skills, and much more. We would like you to thrive, reach your higher potential and purpose. Once you have demonstrated your capacity to solve complexity by utilizing the Matrix-Q Method, you will earn points, tokens, and as well as become eligible for a Matrix-Q Belt. There are 12+ Belts (See Matrix-Q Belts Program). Matrix-Q Belt Holders are eligible to receive Matrix-Q licenses.
  • Matrix-Q Licenses:
    • Matrix-Q House team members, will receive Matrix-Q Licenses as trainers, coaches, consultants and developers (coders). The Matrix-Q license holders may use the Matrix-Q Smart Applications, Matrix-Q A.I., Products and Services, Knowledge, Skills, Tools, Data, Innovation and Technology,  for commercial purposes. 
  • Passive Income
    • The Matrix-Q House brings to you a unique opportunity to create passive income foryourself. Passive income is the fuel your creativity and capacity needs, in order to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.
  • Income Streams
    • Next to the passive income opportunities along the Matrix-Q House Immersive experience you will have the opportunity to enable for yourself 9 income-streams: from affiliates to B2B commissions, to wages, project based income, bonuses, tokens, convertible bonds, shares, royalties. From 2.500 EUR to 4.000 EUR or more per month.
  • Own your creativity
    • The Matrix-Q House team members will have also the opportunity to utilize Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary innovation tools, and use their creativity and innovation capacity, to solve global pressig issues, and develop new solutions, which will convert into new business projects. Eligible candidates will receive convertible bonds, shares and I.P. property, and opportunities to lead and develop their entrepreneurial and impact initiatives.
  • Human-Metrics Reports
    • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity with a digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine. Matrix-Q House team member will receive season, and monthly reports of their capacity: learning skills, emotional intelligence, adaptation, strategic thinking, leadership skills, circular thinking, innovation capacity, social empathy, creativity, holistic thinking, life work balance, and much more. You may add the Matrix-Q Human Metrics report to your C.V.
  • Join a Matrix-Q Start-Up
  • Become a Matrix-Q Ambassador and Location-Developer 
    • Alternative, the Matrix-Q House team members will also be welcome to engage as Ambassador in our national-international network and directly contribute, creating a positive impact in nature, societies and economies by reaching out to organizations and leaders world-wide or starting up Matrix-Q Projects (Franchise) at their locations.
  • Become a Matrix-Q Akademia Trainer & Coach
    • If you enjoy to teach, share knowledge, build up skills, there is also a place for you at the Matrix-Q Akademia. After completing successfully the training programs, you will receive Matrix-Q Licenses for trainers, and coaches, may join the Matrix-Q Akademia Team
  • Become a Matrix-Q Associated Consultant
    • Matrix-Q House team members, holders of the consultant licenses, may join the Matrix-Q Consultants pool, as associated consultant, and enjoy of season trainings, participate in collective consultancy projects, promote own products and services in the Matrix-Q Market place and engage with the Matrix-Q Ecosystem in a global impact strategy. We want to create 729.000 new jobs for 2030/50 and build up Matrix-Q Centres in 27 locations world wide, to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, holistic and sustainable living, and the 17 UN sustainable development goals, reaching 30%-80% achievement at each location by 2030/50

Act now!

  • Join the Matrix-Q House
  • An immersive community and entrepreneurial experience
  • Create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.

Start the new year 2021 with a new positive perspective of your future

Take the opportunity

The Matrix-Q House is an immersive experience

that will help you

set new goals, acquire knowledge and skills, tools and technology that will help you create  more impact, to enable the future you want.