Matrix-Q Licenses

The Matrix-Q Licenses

Matrix-Q Certificates [ Learn more ]

  • The Matrix-Q Academia provides 81 Certificates, most of them in 1-3 levels, for 9 tracks of learning
  • Certificates are an official recognition given by the Matrix-Q Akademia, indicating that the certificate holder has completed a number of units of training in a particular subject
  • A certificate document carry a unique code, associated with the certificate holder, and records of his/her/its trainings and Matrix-Q Human-Metrics reports
  • The Human Metrics-Reports indicate the capacity of the report holder to think, feel, act, create value, and impact with the knowledge acquired.
  • The reports associated with the certificates are used to predict learning capacity, capacity to solve a particular level of complexity, and the investment in time and resources necessary for the user to reach the next level of training and capacity.

Matrix-Q Licenses

  • When a certificate holder completes a training program (including the mandatory training units, challenges, simulations, e-games, and projects-challenges - under real conditions-, eventually internship or supervised application of knowledge) then the data-generated (performance) will be used to assess the level of complexity the certificate holder is able to solve. 
  • Matrix-Q Commercial Licenses are given to certificate holders that have proven capacity to solve challenges with the knowledge acquired. 
  • Licenses provided for Matrix-Q Training (education method), Coaching, Consultancy, Innovation, Project-Management, Coding, Holistic Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and others.
  • License holders commit to receive continuous training, updates and are members of the Matrix-Q Akademia online for license holders. Including group coaching, mentoring, and training to help them utilize Matrix-Q e-Tools and Smart Applications assisted by A.I. Engine, Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Data & Technology
  • A data-driven digital platform that continuously generates data on the license holders performance, training, challenges, and projects completed, with the purpose of assessing their capacity to reach the next level of performance.
  • Only Matrix-Q License holders are authorized to provide services utilizing Matrix-Q Methodology, Content, knowledge, tools, skills, smart applications.

Matching Services

  • Customers may request a matching service.
  • The Matching service provides an assessment of the challenge the customer has and matches it with the Matrix-Q License holder that has proven capacity to solve such level of challenges, or a multidisciplinary team that together would match the challenge complexity.