Matrix-Q Thinking
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Nature Inspired
Thinking Tools
Circular THinking
Strategic Thinking
Technology 4.0+
DNA Activation

Solving complexity with a very simple thinking methodology

  • Approach challenges from several perspectives simultaneously
  • Choose the right thinking skills, tools, and competences 
  • Optimize your thinking and learning
  • Think, feel, act, and create impact with the knowledge and tools acquired 


9 Months remote study circle

with max. 9 Attendees


A modular learning systems help you build-up capacity and experience with focus topics

  • Matrix-Q Thinking Tools
    • Linear, holistic, nature-inspired, strategic, circular, fractal, holographic, systemic, systems, strategic, time-based, creative, quantum thinking
  • The Matrix-Q Method
  • Matrix-Q Thinking & Decision Making Archetypes 
  • Perception of value applied to thinking
    • Circular Design (Circular thinking applied) & The Circularity Impact Algorithm
    • The game of perspectives (from 1D to Multidimensional)
    • The 9 enablers of a human inclusive circular economy
    • Perception & Emotional Intelligence, The MindSet DNA
    • Adaptive capacity,  perception of value & emotional intelligence
  • Innovation Capacity
  • Multidisciplinary Innovation Tools
  • Accelerated learning, thinking, and behavior change tools and tactics
  • Matrix-Q Brain GYM Tool (Smart Application) to enhance brain performance

Matrix-Q Thinking in 81 DAYS


  • For the last 300 years, the linear-thinking has influenced industry, scientific research, technology, and government. Creating as an outcome resource depletion, waste, the extinction of millions of species, and climate change
  • We would like to bring the planet back to a sustainable future
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation are enablers of the change we need in the following 10 years.
  • Next-generation leaders bridge the adaptive capacity gap with Emotional Intelligence, Thinking & Innovation skills (The Matrix-Q Method

Thinking out of the box is not enough

Smart App 

Matrix-Q Thinking Applied &

Matrix-Q Circular Thinking 

Assisted by A.I. Engine 


  • Develop the ability to release linear thinking
  • Acquire the capacity to think circular,  and beyond, by exercising a diversity of thinking methods that would enhance your brain performance (Matrix-Q Thinking)
  • Understand, utilize, apply nature systems, cycles, rhythms, laws for assessment and use of complexity
  • Cultivate your creativity and multidisciplinary innovation capacity to transition the value chain into a circular economy



  • e-Learning, e-tests, e-trainer
  • e-Games
  • e-Brain GYM
  • e-Impact Assessment
  • e-Innovation (Multidisciplinary)
  • e-Business Model
  • Assisted by A.I. Engine Learning Coach


  • Live remote training and coaching program with a human consultant


  • Intuitive digital platform helps develop circular thinking, matrix-q thinking, and multidisciplinary innovation capacity, with social-empathy (human circularity)
  • Helps enhance brain performance
  • Users do e-tests, e-games, receive a diagnose of capacity, prescriptions of experiences that will help them train their brain (Brain GYM) to enhance their creativity and circular thinking performance.
  • B2B as a SaaS platform ideal for schools, company capacity building programs, leadership development, circularity consultants, innovators, leaders, impact investors

Go-Live March 2021

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