Matrix-Q Life-Work Balance [START-UP]


Our mission is to enable organizational excellence through life-work balance and happiness at work.

We are an Online-Start-Up with HQ in the Netherlands.

Our multidisciplinary team is ready to answer your questions online in any moment. 

  • We are living in times of uncertainty, ambuiguity, rapid change and complexity
  • Covid-19 has impacted negativelly private life and business
  • To invest in prevention is better than not to
  • Work-life balance, adaptation capacity and happiness at work are of pivotal importance
  • Our start-up provides remotely e-workshops, e-coaching, e-assessment & e-consultancy to optimize your resilience capacity
  • By combining our data-driven methodology and human-competences we achieve measurable and faster results


  • Life-work balance capacity enables high performance

  • Preventive-health mindset, happiness in own private life as well as happiness at work ensures endurance

  • Life-work balance, is the foundation you need in order to transform challenges into opportunities to unleash your individual potential, and organzation's collective intelligence.

The next generation leaders bridge the life-work-balance gap 

  • Acquire new skills and develop a balanced life. 
  • Release the trapped value in your private life and in daily business activities
  • Unleash your potential! and Thrive!


    • Our holistic e-tools (smart applications) helps us in reduce the time necessary for the assessment process in 90%
    • Human holistic competences are combined with data-driven methodology in order to obtain faster measurable and sustainable results
    • The Matrix-Q Methodology for accelerated learning, thinking and behavior change helps our customers to reach their goals and complete milestones 200% faster
    • We deliver results within 9 min
    • After many years of multidisciplinary reseach (1993-), The Matrix-Q Research Institute has developed an effective and unique method that goes to root causes of your situation.
    • Instead of long intakes and talking sessions we use simple tools with great impact.
    • Tools that helps us understand how your brain, conscious and subconscious are interacting with each other and how you are limiting yourself.
    • After measuring we predict, enhance who you are NOW and optimize who you can BECOME
    • We help you unleash your potential, enjoy the qulaity of life you prefer for yourself, and be happy


    Professional coaches, therapists, trainers, strategic management consultants, dedicated to support leaders achieve an holistic quality of life, life-work balance and happiness at work. 

    Certified and in-training Matrix-Q Life-Work Balance Consultants

    Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
    Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
    Matrix-Q Methodology creator, coach, trainer, and holistic-massage (body therapist) since 1998.
    Diana Bezugo
    Diana Bezugo
    Coach, trainer, body-therapist. Matrix-Q Methodology trainee.
    Isabella Madrid
    Isabella Madrid
    Matrix-Q Breathing Trainer
    Jens Becker
    Jens Becker
    Matrix-Q Breathing Trainer - Germany


    • Balance in nature's ecosystems ensures life sustainability
    • A similar idea applies when we observe human-life, the history of events, habits, choices and patterns of the the individual's life, the life of communities, and the development of organizations
    • The art of keeping balance between private life, family, social, activities outdoors, community, creativity, work, and business creates a foundation for success.
    • Holistic life work balance as culture of an organization, enables collective intelligence, resilience and sustainable growth.


    • Our unique methodology for REMOTE LEARNING enables experiential learning
    • Learning to acquire new habits, skills and knowledge, by doing, exersicing techniques and methods, with the guidance of a professional coach
    • Human empathy and connection, heart-based communication
    • Empowerment through self-love, appreciation, care, joy and gratitute for life


    • In times of uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and rapid change, individual-adaptation capacity has pivotal value
    • Matrix-Q Holistic Coaching Method focuses on optimizing the strategic management of your own  personal resources to level-up your performance and capacity of achievement of goals, in balance with your private and professional life. 

    • You will develop your emotional intelligence, perception of life, social-empathy, enhance your communication capacity, learning skills, strategic thinking, adaptive capacity, cultivate and strengthen your creative and positive mindset.
    • With the support of a Matrix-Q Holistic Coach,  when you face challenges in life, you are not alone. 

    • " I had a challenge with one of the projectsI’m running. Luis (Matrix-Q Coaching) offered me a session to explore these challenges.

    • The session was very insightful! Mostly because it helped me to look at this particular project form a different angle. It’s is hard to do that yourself as an insider.

    • Luis developed an approach which is very professional. Besides that he is a good listener and inspirational".

    Daan Modderman,

    Change Agent, Consultant,

    Better Future,

    The Netherlands


    • One of the biggest challenges humans are facing is feeling Happiness.

    • Matrix-Q has designed a unique system to balance your professional and private life and reach the Happiness everyone dreams of.

    • The Matrix-Q Wheel of Happiness will help you measure, enhance, predict, optimise your happiness capacity

    • Happiness is the sparkling power-house, you need to achieve your goals and realise your dreams.
    • Happiness at work, quality of life, family-life-work balance, health prevention, start with the right mindset and the development of the capacity of happiness.

    •  The capacity to exercise daily happiness is the bridge you need to thrive, unleash your full potential, realise your vision, purpose and passion

    • People that have purchased the Happiness Program refer how this program has identified and transformed their core.
    • It is an eye opener for who they had become and key to realize the attitudes, behaviors, ways of thinking that were blocking them to overcome insatisfaction and achieve what they wanted.
    • Matrix-Q Life-Work-Balance has designed a unique and effective process that guides people on their quest, helping them to create the necessary balance between work, profession, private life, and personal development.
    • One of the tools, the Wheel of Happiness is a tool that is limitless in it's possibilities: will help you measure, predict, enhance, optimize your happiness capacity and can be used for the rest of your life!


    • As we move towards a world of technology, some of us feel the effects of the loss of physical contact.

    • It is scientifically proven how touch has a vital role in our development, in our physical and mental wellbeing, amongst them in stress reduction.

    • The Matrix-Q Research Institute has developed a massage method which is unique as it makes a deep connection between the 9 aspects of physical-mental-emotional factors which increase our wellbeing.

    • With the MatriX-Q Work-Life Balance tool we also measure, predict, enhance fundamental patrons of physical-mental-emotional aspects and realize how they connect.

    • The Matrix-Q 9 Waves Massage training begins with yourself (self-massage) and can also be tailored made accordingly to your personal preferences, for example for individual use, for couples, parents and children, or to whoever wants to learn the power this tool has.

    • Human-Connection boosts creativity, resilience, emotional and hormonal balance!
    • People that have purchased the "9 waves sensory-massage" have experienced:
      • Full body-awareness
      • Deep Relaxation
      • Heart-Connection
      • Peaceful state of mind
      • Heart-Openess
      • Intuitive flow
      • Balance & rhythm
      • Empathy & understanding
      • Self-love, joy and gratitude for life


    • The first breath of life continued rhythmically until this moment but somehow we often forget how this simple action has so much power over us.

    • Matrix-Q approach to breathing is unique as it is custom made, it measures your needs, and blindspots so it helps you to recover THE DAILY NECESSARY BALANCE; and to enhance daily THE BUFFER THAT HELP US PROCESS EXPERIENCES that may be UNCOMFORTABLE, UNEXPECTED OR UNCONTROLLABLE

    • In a natural way it connects you to your heart, helps you release emotional stress.

    • THE RESULTS: A natural state of calmness and clarity: an asset for you every time you need to face challenging circumstances and at the same time make strategic choices, improved abilities to resolve conflict, to innovate.

    • It alleviate stress, shocks, trauma. Cultivates and enhances a creative and healthy mindset.
    • Clarity in your heart, body and mind is the foundation for a happy journey in life!

    • " I think this kind of training is very scarce in the Netherlands.

    • It has really helped me with my full body awareness and precision of movements.

    • I also like the awareness of the surroundings aspect and the breathing techniques make me feel good about myself".

    Vincent Elders

    Environment Protection Consultant

    The Netherlands


    • We realize daily that human emotions influence our mindset, perception, communication, collaboration, and performance.
    • You can improve time and process management, by understanding the role your emotions and mindset plays in daily activities and choices.
    • With the Matrix-Q Time Management Tool we measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity to utilize 9 types of emotions, to improve your daily  performance
    • Matrix-Q Methodology helps you harness emotional intelligence, and nature cycles,  to strengthen, and cultivate a creative and adaptive mindset, and the capacity of time management.
    • The question is about high level performance is not about why, nor what, nor who, but when nd the emotions that were involved in the process, perception, decisions, creativity and actions

    • Customers that attended the training sessions and coaching experience an increase in effectiveness, efficiency, and overall performance.

    • Leaders have experienced results in a matter of days, after utilizing our tools.
    • For strategic management the outcome has proven to be extremely beneficial for organizations, to enhance collective intelligence, collaboration, communication, resilience and sustainable growth.


    Forest Bathing Activities

    Visit the forest for self-regeneration

    • Shinrin-yoku (In Japanese: Forest Bath), letting the natural harmony of the forest inspire him. He spends almost daily time in nature, dedicated to practice yoga, martial arts, conscious breathing, archery or dance improv. Or just for the purpose of enjoying, observing and learning from nature. Learning about nature systems, cycles, rhythms, laws and principles.

    • " even a small amount of time in nature can have an impact on our health. A two-hour forest bath will help you to unplug from technology and slow down. It will bring you into the present moment and de-stress and relax you. Numerous studies I’ve conducted have shown that shinrin-yoku has real health benefits."(1)

    Rhenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Rhenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Rhenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Rhenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Rhenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Rhenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Rhenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Rhenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Rhenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Shinrin-Yoku Sessions Program  (2 hours)

    • Arrival to forest meeting-point
    • 5 min walk
    • 9 min breathing (Matrix-Q Conscious Breathing method)
    • Tailor-made activities for self-regeneration
      • Individual solo activities
      • group collective activities
    • Silence time for self-regeneration
    • 9 min presentation " Holistic Life-Work Balance"
    • 18 Micro-workshop (game) tailor-made to attendees/company needs
    • Closing gathering
    • 9 min breathing (Matrix-Q Conscious Breathing method)


    Public Forest Bathing Sessions

    If your company has not scheduled for you a shinrin-yoku session yet, you are welcome to join the public foest bathing sessions organizaed by the Matrix-Q Community

    We meet in a unique location in the Netherlands, surrounded by a natural landscapce, a nature-reserved area, a little lake and the Rhine river, at a small town with a great old-history, archealogical and cultural sites.

    The Forest of Rhenen, Grebbeberg Road, Region of Utrecht, The Netherlands.  

    Corporate Immunology Consultancy

    Life-Work Balance skills are a strategic asset of your organization

    • Your company is a living organism, which evolves thanks to its collective (human, business culture) intelligence: capacity of creativity, adaptation, leadership, sustainable development and growth. 
    • Covid-19 pandemic challenges "the human" of your organization, the most vulnerable side of your organizational performing capacity.
    • Matrix-Q Corporate Immunology Consultancy, provides a systemic assessment of risk, trapped value, and of opportunities to cultivate and strengthen the human capacity of your organization
    • Resilience in times of covid-19 means the ability to effectvelly process rapid change, complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty. For which emotional intelligence, adaptive capacity, personal leadership skills, creativity, time and process management play a key role for the sustainable growth of your company.


    A process oriented service, in which step by step we tailor-made a sustainable solution that will ensure:

    • Sustainable Growth
    • Resilience Capacity Enhancement
    • Collective Emotional Intelligence in your team
    • Life-Work Balance skills as strategic asset of your organization

    STEP by STEP

    1. Assessment of vulnerability points
    2. Strategic Strengthening of the Organizational and human (employees) immune system
    3. Innovation, Trapped value release with focus on Life-work Balance and Happiness at work
    4. Corporate Intelligence Report


    • When customers utilize corporate immunology in order to cultivate and strengthen their organization's immune system, they invest in their future.
    • Once the vulnerbility points have been identified, the respective solution may take only few weeks to be implemented, as a result a systemic positive impact.
    • Vulnerability points found in previouse customers inlcude for example: processes that weak the human capital resilence, adaptation (learning, emotional intelligence) skills missed in the team, patterns of behavior and thinking (perception) that increases organizational vulnerability, business culture components that have a negative effect in the happiness and success of employees.
    • Our customers have increased in 80% their growth within 6 months after completing a corporate immunology consultancy process. By solving human factor vulnerability points in matter of weeks the overall organization did level-up performance.